Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    "For those of you getting completely carried away with this win, read this article, describing all the injuries that the Titans had in their secondary, going into today's game. Duane Starks and Earthwind Moreland were better CBs than the ones they started today: "

    How many games and championships have we won with a "banged-up secondary"?
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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    Easy grades...nice to see Brady and Moss connect and I don't care who it was against. Vollmer looked real good in place of Light. For those who say easy opponant and all that I give you the Eagles. That's why they play the games. It would have been easy to look sloppy and make gads of mental errors out there in the snow but that didn't happen. They should have another "practice game" next week then the bye so its a good set up for them and for Brady to work out the kinks. We'll get a much better feel for where they stand when we get to Indy. Too bad we threw away the game last week but I think they are headed in the right direction.
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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    Yes, the Titans' secondary is badly dinged up; yes the team was 0-5 goinig in; yes their offense (run game excepted) couldn't get out of their own way; all of that is true.  That said, Brady's throws were consistently on the mark (Moss did have to adjust on one slightly underthrown TD pass) even though he was dealing with a tough wind and really crappy weather.  He's had open receivers in previous games and he's missed them; he didn't yesterday.

    Take the win; prepare for the lowly Bucs; win that game and go into the by week with something to build on.

    By the way, Maroney was good; very good.  Vollmer was good; very good.  This was a good win; a very good win.  Yeah the Titans are bad but, as has been pointed out, we have won super bowls with a second tier secondary

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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    The secondary was really great - great coverage, big plays and some jarring hits. That group could be really something in another month or two barring injuries. I see the Pats D getting better each week.

    I hope Morris' injury isn't to bad - that was the only downer for the day.

    I always liked Jeff Fisher as a coach too - he's got to be feeling some pressure given the way the Titans are playing. 
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    I don't think you can rate this game. The Titans looked like they never saw a snowflake before in their lives. I don't take anything at all from this game good or bad. It looked to me that the Titans didn't know how to get their footing on the snow and couldn't play at an NFL level. I would have felt much better had they taken that beating with good weather.

    I'm not sure the game should count for any more than a confidence builder for the Pats and a glorified scrimmage. The Titans didn't show up for the game or couldn't cope with the field conditions. Can you blame the equipment guys for not having "snow cleats"?
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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    The O Line played great....was Brady touched more than twice. Hoyer and Green Ellis both looked good with limited reps. Vollmer and the O Line were mashing people: this bodes well considering the Pats will have some decisions to make in 2010 on the O Line. My only concern is that the D never really stopped the run and if we face teams (Jets: Washington, Thomas/ Miami Wildcat with Brown, White and Williams/ Saints with Thomas and Bush) the run D will struggle, however, if Brady and the O can continue to play this way it's hard to see teams with average defenses stopping them. The book on beating the Pats hasn't changed : Put Pressure on Brady, Run the Ball successfully and thus, make the D tired.  No pressure on Brady = your secondary gets torn part. Brady was throwing into double and triple coverage and still hitting his WRs.  Good Win all around. Time to open the same can of a--kickery in jolly ol England.
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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    I want to start collecting money for Titans players familiies...cause WE MURDERED THEM.
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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    What is with all the Hugh Millen bashing?

    The numbers don't lie.

    Millen was very nearly adequate.

    I mean, he wasn't Marc Wilson or anything . . .

    I'm just sayin' . . .



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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    In Response to Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD::
    In Response to Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD: : Has anyone else recognized that picture?  It is a classic movie about nasty youth!
    Posted by agcsbill

    Bart Simpson used it for a Holloween costume and affected an British accent.

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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

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         Titans owner Bud Adams hints that longtime coach Jeff Fisher will be fired at the end of the season: http://www.tennessean.com/article/20091019/SPORTS01/910190337/1027/Bud+Adams++can+t+understand++Titans++play
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Well, you've got to do something.

    Tennessee has plummeted precipitously and even if losing his defensive keystone and the rash of injuries aren't Fisher's fault, you can't simply accept what this team has become.

    Oh . . .  and just as a personal aside, it couldn't happen to a more deserving fellow. I've always harbored the sneaky suspicion that Fisher is a deuschebag.
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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    Memo To PrairieMike....LOL Hugh Millen, I draw the line when people bash Steve Grogan though....Browning Nagle deserves all the bashing he gets...


    It's amazing how little you have to accomplish to get wiki reference.

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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

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         Pity Keith Bulluck. After having played on a series of mediocre teams, the old warhorse LB from Syracuse finally was on a contender in 2008. But, despite his team having secured home field advantage throughout the playoffs, his Titans could not dispose of a good "D", very mediocre "O" team, led by a rookie quarterback.      And now...after some key free agent defections, and some tough breaks, he finds himself laboring for an 0-6 team. Bulluck deserves better, particularly since he was one of the few Titans' players who showed up to face the Pats in the wind, cold and snow in Foxboro...as he watched his team get Hugh-Milliated, in true Hugh Millen fashion, 59-0.      Not to take anything away from the ole towne team, but the NFL should conduct a full scale investigation into this game. All Titan players, save Bulluck and RB Chris Johnson, should be docked this weeks' paycheck. Here are my grades:       A.) OFFENSE:  Lets credit the Patriots for being very good. But, less also discredit the Titans for being a bad team...and playing even worse than that. I've seen high school teams play better pass defense. A combination of dropped passes, five turnovers, and dumb penalties rarely presents much of a challenge to a good football team. And...in this case, it didn't...as the Pats set a multitude of offense records, in their 59-0 demolition of the Tennessee Titans. 1.) QB:  Tom Brady played like a postman...neither wind, nor snow, nor sleet, nor lack of a quality 3rd WR, prevented him from tearing up the worst secondary in the league. Brady was 29/34, for 380 yards and 6 TD, including an NFL record 5 in one quarter. Brady showed no signs of not stepping into his throws, or "babying" his knee. On several occasions, he looked like the Tom Terrific of old, as he moved beautifully in and out of the pass pocket to create more throwing time for himself. For the Brady haters out there, lets' be knit-picky...there was that silly delay of game call on the Pats initial drive, which probably cost the Pats a TD. Anybody still think that the Patriots should trade Tom? GRADE: A+; 2.) RBs: The many Maroney bashers were silenced for a least a week by Laurence's best game of the season. Maroney ran like a snow plow...dead ahead with no hesitation...and ripped off 123 yards in just 16 carries...including an electrifying 45 yard bolt, for the Pats' first TD. BJGE added some determined, straight ahead runs...and Kevin Faulk contributed with a couple of catches, including a 38 yard TD run on a screen pass. The RBs gained 193 yards for the day, to compliment the seemingly millions of yards gained passing.  GRADE: A+; 3.) OL: After a bit of a slow start, the big uglies dominated the line of scrimmage throughout the game. They finally provided some room for the RBs, and gave Tom Brady ample time to throw.  GRADE: A; 4.) WRs & TEs: The TEs blocked well, but were not a factor in the passing game. But, they didn't have to be. The WRs were so wide open throughout the game that even ex-Pats QB Hugh Millen would have somehow managed a 200 yard day. Randy Moss (8 catches for 129 yards, 3 TDs) and Wes Welker (10 catches for 150 yards, 2 TDs) were uncoverable...assuming that the Titans were even trying to cover them. Each had over 100 yards receiving. Even 3rd WR Sam Aiken had his moments. GRADE: A+;      B.) DEFENSE: Pretty much a rocking chair day for the "D". Other than a few problems defensing Chris Johnson on running plays...the Titans' passing game was worse than non-existent...as Tennessee finish with minus seven (-7) yards passing. It was the worst aerial show since the Three Stooges take-off of the Wright Brothers in their classic short, Dizzy Pilots. Like the Arizona Cardinals last season, the Titans did not appear to want to be outside playing in the snow. Nonetheless, the "D" must be credited for pitching a shutout  1.) DL: The Titans were able to rush for 193 yards, led by the aforementioned Johnson, who had a 100 yard game. Nonetheless, many of these yards came when the Pats were well out in front...other than one nifty Johnson run for 48 yards. Put enough pressure on Kerry Collins to bother him somewhat...although I think that Collins was more bothered that his receivers were continually dropping his passes: GRADE: B+; 2.) LBs: This group was active, and assisted well in pass coverage. Hard to really grade their efforts, though. The Titans were that pathetic. Nice game from Jerod Mayo: GRADE: A-; 3.) SECONDARY: Some hard hitting caused some of the dropped passes mentioned above. Nice job by Darius Butler and company in taking away the short passes that plagued the Patriots in the Denver debacle. The Brandons, McGowan and Meriweather, continue to make their presence felt...as did rookie Patrick Chung: GRADE: A;         C.) SPECIAL TEAMS: A bad snap appeared to lead to a Gostkowski miss of a very makable FG, early. Other than that, there were some good returns on kicks from Julian Eddleman. Punter Chris Hanson appeared to do a nice job handling somewhat faulty snaps...but otherwise pretty much had the day off. GRADE: B;                  D.) COACHING: After that awful defeat in Denver, BB obviously said all the right things...and got his guys ready to eat glass. The Pats exploited the Titans' achilles heel all day...their secondary. Nice flea-flicker call worked for an easy TD to Randy Moss. Good to see the screen pass incorporated in the Pats offense. On defense, decision to start the younger CBs and cover the Titan receivers tighter paid huge dividends. The Pats CBs could not continue to give the huge amount of cushion that they gave to the Denver receivers.  GRADE: A+;      E.) PLAY OF THE GAME:  The Maroney 45 yard run for the Pats first TD;      F.) GAME BALL:  Tom Brady...who I think heard the critics saying that his knee injury has created a negative psychological effect...hurting his play. He was the Tom Terrific of old today.      Here are the game stats: http://espn.go.com/nfl/boxscore?gameId=291018017 .      Thoughts?            
    Posted by TexasPat3
    Tex, good job. Actually there is one item that I'm surprised you failed to mention and that was the play of Seabass. He was all over the field pulling and leading downfield 20-25 yards. Neal may have a difficult time winning back his position. He may need to switch to the right side. Grade A+. Guyton continued his strong play A+. Wright must be mentioned as having a strong game as well as a fumble recovery A. BJGE averaged 9.5 yds per carry. Would have graded him an A+ had he not failed to catch one pass that he missed.  Grade A. How bad is Morris's injury??
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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    Reminiscent of the old adage -"Beat the bad, scare the good".

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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

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    In Response to Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD: :      LOL!! Nothing personal against Hugh. He just was tagged with a great nickname...which seemed to fit the occasion perfectly. Perhaps I more accurately should have referred to the Titan's passing performance as "Wilsonian" in nature. LOL!!
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Wait a sec.   A pun in relation to world history? You are getting way to cerebral for a sports thread. 

    Uh oh... "cerebral"?  Now you have me doing it.
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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

    Hey Tex: Fun report card this week! Great write-up. Yep, Tom was the postman. I'm glad the Pats didn't stop playing. The team gets the snowmmen award- no one does it better.
    They basically fired on all cylinders- and nice to see Maroney RUN! Shots of him on the sideline looked like he was pumped.
    We'll see if they can keep firing away in the UK, and in domes, rain, mud, and turf.
    GO PATS!
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    Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD:

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    In Response to Re: Titans @ Patriots REPORT CARD: :      No world history being taught here, Chris. By "Wilsonian", I was not referring to Woodrow Wilson, but to ex-Patriots' QB, Marc Wilson...LOL!!  
    Posted by TexasPat3

    I know, I know.  I think he played for the Bears just before the Pats, right?  As I recall, the Woodrow Wilson threw a better pass, even after his stroke.
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