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    How does a team fall so far, so fast?  I thought they were in the playoffs last year and had a 12-4 record, yet they looked like they quit playing halfway through the 1st quarter.  They have a decent coach who's been around for a while, where did things go wrong for them, not just yesterday, but this season.
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    Re: Titans

    The Titans were good last year, but never as dominant as their record indicated.
    They lost their defensive fulcrum, and have suffered some key injuries. Couple that with a schedule that is a little more difficult, Kerry Collins is who we thought he was, and they seem to lack a certain intestinal fortitude and --


    The Titans blow.

    I had a hard time getting people around here to believe that last week.

    I wonder if they'll believe it now?
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    Re: Titans

    They have no secondary - literally.  The QB was never very good.  But when they get behind and have to throw, the QB is totally exposed.  And if your team doesn't have a chance, then why risk injury?  yeah, they are getting paid and professional, but they're human as well.

    The Titan's weren't as bad as the played - they simply gave up. 
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    Re: Titans

    "The QB was never very good."

    He led a second year expansion team to the conference championship game. He led the Giants to a Super Bowl. When was he NEVER very good?
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    Re: Titans

    I'm just glad Brady was taken out in the 3rd quarter against the pathetic Titans.  The Titans were clearly frustrated/enraged and would have hurt Brady if given the opportunity.  The blow to Brady's head was a vicious and cheap hit that will bring a big fine from the league.  Did anyone see the Titans defender intentionally go after and flatten the CBS sideline cameraman?  Cheap shot...more fines.