its pretty obvious that the hyperliberal people's republic's do not want folks like me engaging in what it considers nonpolitically correct discourse or initiations on this board. there is simply no way my posts on mr. brady, ted kennedy and about "pitino meet ms. mcnulty" could have gone on for over an entire day without ONE response otherwise. NO WAY! i posted the exact same threads on other boards and received just about the same high level of responses and healthy engagement i once enjoyed with most of u when i first started on here a couple of weeks ago. 

the same thing has happened with me on the red sox forum. anyway, it is all good. i will still keep posting even if u are not ALLOWED to respond or for me to see your responses. i will share this issue with other more open media sources and take this issue to powers higher than this moderator can influence and control. in the meantime, to those who cant deal with strong vodka, u will never completely rid the world of folks like me. your little soft kool-aid will only take u so far. other boards have far more give and take, and far more engagements. this one is just staid with your mvpkillas and others who promote open censorship because their IQs are not high enough to make non-koolaid points. just amazing how long threads stay untouched on the front page of this forum. no wonder the boston globe is going out of business! good riddance if u choose not to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!