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    This is a direct quote of myself from the "Brady is not the same":

    "Yes...relax! ANYONE with any knowledge of returning from a serious injury like Tom Brady did (like Carson Palmer) will tell you that how he is playing is expected or understandable.  Add the OL playing like garbage & not giving him protection adds to that!

    I'm sorry but it makes me sick when all these pats haters & even some pats fans who claim to just be speaking the truth already saying that Tom Brady is a sissy & is washed up.  I know most are just saying it to get a rise out of us Pats fans, but it's already started after 2 games...just dumb.

    My biggest concern is this...IS Tom Brady really missing Josh McDaniels & to the lesser Charlie Wiess and we seeing that the new OC (without title) isn't doing the same play calling as either past OC?  I guess the same can be also said for Dan Pees?  Is having all the good OC & DC constantly leaving NE finally catching up???  That is the real question!!! "

    To add to this...I concur with a past post & response from someone who felt that the 2007 Pats didn't build on the year, but put all the cards on the table too early & then ended up flopping...I'm hopefull that this 2009 season is a build up to an even greater team peaking at the RIGHT time & finishing the way we like it!
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    In Response to Re: TO: EVERYONE:
    BB needs to go back and watch some old Giants film and some old Patriot film as well... We need a fullback and a tailback...Get back to some I formation with some nice play action passes with the threat of a run and that will open it up.... Don't get me wrong - I love the spread but we need to force teams to work on more stuff to defend our offense... Know you see why I wanted Vick or someone like him athletic wise..Wildcat would have been a wrinkle the Jets would have had to plan for...When Vick was available to come back. But thats another story...
    Posted by Patriotsftball

    Aww I am being nice. Don't take anything too personal but seriously are you kidding me about Romeo and Weiss and looking backwards. The league moves on the game evolves. The rules have changed. The personnel has changed not only on the Patriots but the other teams as well.

    Sorry i just don't see your points so much but that's just me.
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    i think that  everyone is reacting this way is becase we lost to THE JETs! , i think that if it were any other team it wouldn be as bad