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Need to combine NEGames list with the salary cap numbers and look at who is likely to be released to see how much the Pats will have to spend. One other interesting point is what the league will do about the money owed to Hernandez. Hopefully they will do the right thing and say screw him.

I could see Vince being asked to renegotiate his $11.6 million number back to something much more team friendly. Others who may be asked to scale their cap numbers back: Mayo $7.3 million, McCourty $5.1 million, Connelly $4.1 million, and Gostkowski $3.8 million. I see Adrian Wilson and Isaac Sopoaga being released, saving about $3.75 million. Steve Gregory and Tommy Kelly are owed a combined $6.2 million, they may also be asked to take a cut. There are also a dozen younger guys who either need to put up or they will be gone, saving another $5-6 million. I think the Pats would want to get as much of this taken care of as quickly as possible to see what they have to work with. 

There is a lot of money to rework above. 

Iof we could save 1m for each of mayo, mccourty, Connelly and ghost, that 4m.

outright release Wilson, soap, Kelly and Gregory to save 10m. Wilson, soap didn't do anything, Kelly could be replaced with siliga, Gregory crossing fingers maybe with Harmon. I honestly want a hard hitting safety like Harmon back there instead of the fly weight Gregory especially paired with mccourty. 

restructure Vince to save 2-3m...he and siliga play inside To start,  cjones is good depth here, vellano don't know, and same with armstead...but regardless, need another DT and I am looking at nix possibly in the draft.

thats 16-17m saved to sign Edelman, Talib, maybe grab pitta. Draft DT and OL and another TE.