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    With our glaring need for a solid receiver oposit of moss what about the possibility of signing T.O. next year. I know his history but he is still a viable receiver who gets double coverage, he is getting older and I'm sure would love a chance at a ring and how many more teams would really be interested in him???

    Imagin 2010

    Brady QB
    Running back commitee
    Moss WR
    T.O. Reciever
    Edelman Receiver
    Tate Receiver
    Watson Te

    sounds good to me
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    Re: T.O.

    yea, no thanx. The bills actually had some talent, but poor coaching killed em' . We can get his production from someone in the draft, rec is a fairly deep position this year. Or baby Wes, Jul's Ed. Plus what did he do this year, I know bad team, blah, blah, but there are alot of good players on bad teams that put up numbers, he had the oppurtunities, didnt capitalize and to much baggege. Dillion and Moss didnt have nearly the record that people talked about. Owens is very different. Much rather get Tate in the 2nd rd.