Tom Brady

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    Keep saying that, moron.  It's that kind of arrogance from our own fans which feeds why Brady was acting like Spaulding from Caddyshack all night.



    We ain't winning a SB with that poor leadership.


    Poor leadership?  Come on, dude.  The guy got frustrated.  You act as if he's repeatedly doing so all the time and acting like "he's above the team."  Your hero, BB, has repeatedly said (including last night) that Tom is the best leader he's ever been around.  That should hold some water with you.

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    Re: Tom Brady

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    I freaking love this guy.  Did you watch this guy’s press conference?  And his competitiveness?  He kept his cool and defended his teammates like he has since 2001.  The receivers f*cked up over and over again but he still stuck with it.  His faith and competitiveness is literally SECOND-TO-NONE.  So many of these drops he put the ball where it needed to be and the receivers simply didn’t execute.  But guess what?  It’s Week 2.  This is Tom Brady.  If you guys look at this guy like I do, you will be CONFIDENT that he will turn this receiving corps around.  It’s WEEK 2.  Yes, the receivers SUCKED tonight.  How many drops were there tonight?  Too many to count.  But I love Brady’s demeanor.  He shows that he still has that fire.  He shows that he still wants to win at all costs.  He wants to get into rookies’ faces but he wants them to maintain confidence at the same time.  That is a tough balance to achieve.  But witnessing Tom over the past 12 years, I know he is going to make it work.  I will literally put an ante out right now:  if this guy does not throw for 3,500 yards, 25 TDs, and 10 int’s, and be in MVP consideration, I will do whatever the ‘bet-ter’ wants me to do. 

    These wins, while they have been extremely ugly, have been gut-check wins.  Tom has been FORCED to play with the targets he has.  Are these targets awful?  N-O-.  They just simply are not on the same page right now.  That takes time.  These rookies are talented as sh*t.  But the NCAA and the NFL are two different animals.  The reads, the coverages, the audibles, and the blitz schemes are completely different.  These kids, 3 months removed from college, are expected to handle that completely right out of the gate?  Come on.  I guarantee you by week 7, these rookies will look like seasoned vets with Tom.  If you truly believe in Tom as much as you say you do, you know he has the best work ethic, bar-none, compared to the rest of the QBs in the league.  If you truly believe that, you best believe he will have these kids staying after practice working on routes, reads, adjustments, etc.   This group will be a seasoned group by seasons’ end; mark my damn words.  Tonight was ugly as ****.  Pathetic actually.  But that is the cost when you roll with younger guys working with a sophisticated offense and a master who demands perfect routes/adjustments when he calls audibles/blitzes/schemes/etc. 

    Call me a homer.  Call me a rose-colored glasses looker.  Call me an optimist with no sense of reality.  I don’t give a f***.  I am telling you that the offense you watched tonight, will be a hell of a lot different by season’s end.

    Oh, and by the way, rumor has it that Tom's FAVORITE target of ALL-TIME will be returning next week.  If not next week, he will be back by Week 4.  If we have him healthy, Vereen healthy, and Amendola healthy come playoff time, give me the Patriots' odds of winning it all.  Have some patience, as well as faith, my fellow Patriots fans.


    Tom is not involved in critiquing the receivers play....Gisele has that asignment......