Only week 2 but Tom Brady has fallen from being one of the Elite Quarterbacks in the league. Once proclaimed as the best QB in the league, he has fallen out of this elite club due mainly to his season ending knee injury beginning of last year. Say what you will but a player that was out of football for almost 20 months, doesnt look like hes in his prime anymore. Hes got alot going against him besides his knee and the mental makeup of trying not to think too much about it. Since his rookie year hes been tutored by Josh McDaniels, BB doesnt watch him as closely as Josh. His Offensively line, which was once a probowl caliber unit, is starting to show its wrinkles. Brady once held a respectable backfield behind him to balance an attack to set up his play action, now opposing teams arent worried about the patriots running game. His shoulder has been on the injury report ever since he graduated from Michigan. Could these factors lead to a fall of one of the greatest QBs ever to play? It might just be week one - but remember everyone starts to fall from greatness at some point. BB cant throw his passes for him, and with Brady being out for almost 20 months does anyone else notice the timing off on his throws? Seems like the balls are being thrown overhead and off target too many times than not. Only 2 games into the season and you can start to see these issues creap into the back of every Patriots fan.