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Tom Not-So Terrific

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    Re: Tom Not-So Terrific

    In response to Spetznaz24's comment:

    Any Pats fan has to be sickened with the state of the offense right now. It is shameful what  Belichick has put out there this year.  Finally the Pats have a good defense, but the offense has looked bad 4 out of 5 weeks out there.  I am not even saying that it is the fault of rookie receivers but the amount of change that the offense has gone through is simply insane.  We lose 2 reliable studs in  Woodhead and Welker.  These two guys were the perfect fits with Brady. Pats replace them with  Amendola and Vereen.  What was BB thinking?  Trying to outsmart himself?  Not only do we lose Welker but he goes to Broncos and makes them so much better and turns them into a clear SB favorite.  It is sickening.  Enough of the nonsense that Amendola and  Vereen are not injury prone and had only "freak" injuries.  Those two guys are injury prone.  Welker already has more touchdowns than Amendola will ever dream of scoring this year. 

    The only time Brady had decent weapons in his career was in 2007 ,  2011 and 2012.  That is 3 years.  Thats it.  Look what Manning has now and compare that to Brady.  Brady has a bottom 10 WR and TE group working with him.  

    Pats are 10 million below the cap. It is ridicolous to think they couldnt give Welker a 2 yr /12mil deal. Especially when they gave Amendola even more money.  It is astonishing that they could up their offer to Emmanuel Sanders to 4-5 million and make sure Steelers couldn't match. 

    Finally the defense looks like it has turned a corner after being awful for 5 years.  In return Brady gets turned into Blaine Gabbert by BB ineptitude on lack of WR and TE depth.


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    Well put. The whole thing is inexcusable. I know the young kids on offense are going to get better, but clearly they dropped the ball on all this. Take the running backs for instance...Blount is your lead back? And they're having him return kickoffs too? I mean I know Ridley was hurt, but even before that we were rolling out there the same three average backs. And that all important third down pass catching guy? We have a guy made of glass...just a total tease who has done nothing...nothing as a second round pick.

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    Re: Tom Not-So Terrific

    After all that Brady has done for this team and taken less money than he could have gotten, management surrounds him with mediocre receivers.  BB has made a of lot boneheaded personnel decisions.....often because of his ego. TB should go to a franchise that appreciates him more before he gets older.  Amendola and Gronk are great players but seem injury prone. Hernandez's character was highly suspect before they drafted him.  Letting Welker, Woodhead and Lloyd go was stupid.