Tom relies on Wes, Gronk, and Hernandez too much

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    Re: Tom relies on Wes, Gronk, and Hernandez too much

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    They didn't win in 03 or 04 because of passing prowess, so if you are arguing for better defensive players that's perfectly logical, however 1.  The game sets up many more ooportunities for chunk passing yardage now then it did nearly a decade ago.  With some exceptions, it's just easier to move the football down the field throwing it than it is running. 2. The talent outside the hashes in 2004 was superior to their current group.  The guys on the outside either don't get it (Chad) or can't run (Branch).  They have a grand total of zero players who can separate from man coverage in the intermediate or deep part of the route why on earth would Tom throw there?  Rewatch any game from this past season, the separation on the outside is marginal at best.  They lack size as well, Ocho has good height but even in his prime he never played tall. 3.  And the Pats didn't lose the superbowl because they threw it too much, they lost because they didn't execute at a high level, and lost badly at the line of scrimmage.  Outside of Light, the entire line got whipped pretty good by the Giants.  If you are losing 1 on 1 battles up front, the playcalling becomes largely irrelevant.
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    The best deep threat in the league is 5'10' 175 pound Desean Jackson. Are you really saying the two leading receivers in 2004, David Givens and Deion Branch were better in 2004 than the group we have now?

    Deion Branch had a 61 yard TD catch against a great Broncos defense in the first playoff game... passing deep is usually a result of quality play action not because receiver 1-A is so talented that he can't be stopped or can get seperation.

    He had 7 catches for 93 yards in game one, 8-129 yds in game two, 7-74 against the Jets in their first game, 3-69 the following week against the Cowboys including a 45 yarder, 6-125 yds against the Eagles including a 63 yd bomb. He got dinged up in the 2nd half of the season but to say he can't run or has fallen off is silly.  

    We rely on passing too much period. We need to rely on guile, better play calling, spreading the ball around to anyone (what used to be known as the Patriot way) as long as they're open and we need to draw the opposing defense in by running to open up those deep bombs.

    The regular season may have changed, the emphasises on passing, but the playoffs haven't changed. The team that can run the ball and control the time of possession usually wins.  We have the most talent laden team in the the NFL, please stop blaming the talent level, we won with less in 2001 because we played smarter.  

    "Execution" is an excuse for poor play calling, there is always gamesmanship involved, that's why a good coordinator gets paid so much and inevitably becomes a head coach somewhere else.  The slew of receivers dropping passes in the final minute was not a good excuse because we lead at half and should have controlled the time of possesion for the entire 2nd half. We should have run more, much like the Giants did...

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    Re: Tom relies on Wes, Gronk, and Hernandez too much

    Great Points Wozzy!

    Too many excues, and not enough accountability in the coaching staff. When you have the best head coach in football and arguably....E ff that, We have arguably the Best Qb and Head Coach of ALL TIME!!!  When you get to the Big Game, you have to swallow your pride, ego, everything and Get it Done!

    Im tired of excuses. Like you said we got it done with much less overall talent.

    On defense in 01, we had guys like M.Stevens playing safety. An Unkown, unproven guy  in Vrabel. A cast off like A.Smith. Out of nowhere guys like Jermain Wiggins....Cmon Man!!!!
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    Re: Tom relies on Wes, Gronk, and Hernandez too much

    Having to rely on just those 3 guys.  What a shame!  If I were Brady i'd demand a trade.

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    Re: Tom relies on Wes, Gronk, and Hernandez too much

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    Not saying that its a bad thing, but Tom relies on those 3 way too much. Branch will make a contribution in a game, but won't be heard from for at least 1 or 2 games as if he's been relaesed. This is where the question of is the wide receivers developing. Tom has been in that offense for years and knows all the plays, but for Draft Picks and Free Agents that have come and gone, they don't know that offense like Tom does. The best example is Chad when he got traded late with no time at all due to the lockout and found the offense to be very complex and was a non-factor and Tom is calling his own plays as well which makes it more tougher for the new guys. One of two things has to happen, either Tom stays late after practice to work with all the wide receivers and tight ends so that they all know what to do or Tom is going to have to simplify the offense for the new guys (Draft Picks & Free Agents).
    Posted by millergrnv

    Tom throws to his top three receivers too much? Who would you rather see him throwing to, his worst three?

    Really. Did you even think about this ridiculous question before posting it?