Tom, THE CHOKER, Brady

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    Re: Tom, THE CHOKER, Brady

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    I really love how trolls will come here and say Brady is washed up after one simple loss! Evidently he did not watch the Jests game last month. It wasn't him playing poorly, or the line being pushed around. Many times he had all day to throw the ball. But nobody got open. You do have to give the Jests defense their due (begrudgingly). They never let Tom get into rhythm until late in the 3rd. Had the Patriots defense managed to force a turnover or two (something they've been doing regularly) it would have been a different game. A little pressure on Sanchez would have helped, too. So you cannot blame that loss on Brady. Even the Ravens game a year ago they were down big right off the bat. He did play poorly, but the Ravens defense made a lot of QBs look bad. As for Dogg's jumping in, I will not comment. Anyone can look up both QB's playoff numbers and it's a no-brainer! I think Brady still has what it takes to win it all. And the supporting cast will be better next season! Don't know that I'd say that about either the Jests or Colts.
    Posted by bubthegrub2
    oh oh, this poster did it this time.. here comes the honorary chairman straight from brady kool-aid tea party headquarters with the official response to this state of the brady contrarian union. 

    seriously bub, i respect you man for your consistency. u ignore every other thread except when brady boy is directly attacked and it interrupts with your ongoing man-love on your brady-covered bed while lying on your brady-covered pillows and looking up at your brady-painted ceiling at the super-imposed image of your hero bending over under center! you must have all pictures of gissy with the eyes cut out  or have her removed from brady with your smiling face inserted right next to tommy! Tongue out

    u may need an intervention, let me take you to the DARK side!

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    Re: Tom, THE CHOKER, Brady

    Brady is fine if his team is ahead, but when they get behind late in a
    game he CHOKES!!  The 3 superbowl wins the Patriots were tied at
    the end of the game so even if Brady choked they would only go
    into overtime not lose the game!!

    Same thing with Vinateri.  What pressure! If he misses the game goes
    into Overtime.  I would like to see him kicking with his team behind
    by 1 or 2 points  then kick the winning field goal!! That would be
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    Re: Tom, THE CHOKER, Brady

    there was an entire page of this thread with just people on my ignore list. it was kinda funny
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