Tommy Harris

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    Tommy Harris

    I think we should give Tommy Harris a look. He was just cut by the bears for having a bad year last year. 3 time pro bowler who could add depth to the Defensive line that was lacking A big time player at times last year.
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    Re: Tommy Harris

    He doesn;t seem to be a fit.  4-3, some attitude issues, etc.  Low end money, sure.

    It would appear Gerard Warren is a solid option to be in the mix again over someone like Tommie Harris, and a possible healthy Ty Warren, Brace and Wright with a high end draft pick should work going into next year.

    If Brace or Wright, or even Ty Warren for that matter, all struggle to get back, NE may have to go more into the FA pool.

    Just not sure Harris is a fit.  What Gerard Warren was able to do in a complementary or starting role at times was pretty good for a first 3-4 DE player.

    NE needs attitude and toughness in the 3-4 spot.

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    Re: Tommy Harris

    Too many injuries in the last few years.  I dont think he will ever regain his form, plus we have enough dept there with young guys and still possible have G.Warren. 

    I would take a flyer on Hunter Hillenmeyer though.  he is a sturdy OLB, who cna do alot, but not really a speed rusher we are looking for, but could stabilize the spot and play good sound defense.  He forces a lot of fumbles, and their right tackle Shafer was released who could come in for a look, he would be cheap.
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    Re: Tommy Harris

    I wouldnt mind for a good price.
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    Re: Tommy Harris

    now that we have marcus stroud i say no. He has a poor attitude/work ethic.  plus he is a bit short for a 3-4 DE at 6'-3" plus who would you cut?

    players with spots on the team: 1. wilfork, 2. Ty warren 3. G. warren, 4. brace, 5. stroud, 6. wright? (if he is healthy) 7. Pryor (improving) 8. rookie? odds are there will only be 7-8 positions dedicated to the D-line.