The Pats should have won today at least 21-16 maybe 28-16 based on the opportunities that were created in the first half (do the Pats defenders work on catching footballs?  How many times do we have to watch a Pat's defender have fall right through his hands?).  I'm not sure what transpired at half-time but the Pats didn't show up at all in the 2nd half.  This is very un-Brady/Belichick-like.

The Pats have to find a pass-rush somewhere.  There d-backs aren't good enough to cover receivers on their own and there is always one offensive player totally uncovered for the opposing QB to throw to.

If the Pats keep giving-up 3rd down and 10+ yards to go first downs they are not likely to be a factor this year.  This is an on-going issue for the past 3-4 years and has not been addressed in the off-season.  Get some playmakers Pats! 

The Joey Galloway experiment has to end immediately. He is terrible.  Can't catch, can't get open. He seems worse than a total zero out there as he is taking up a roster spot. Where is the playmaking ability that he is supposed to have? I know we were missing Welker today but  Galloway was supposed to be the down-field threat to pair with Moss to stretch the field.  I haven't seen that happen in the first two games this year. 

Tom Brady isn't Tom Brady right now.  He has totally lost his accuracy on the short and intermediate passes.  He must still be thinking about his knee because most of his throws are too high.  He is not consistently following through on his release which is causing his passes to sail high.

At this point, I feel that the Pats offense, once Brady feels comfortable with his knee and we get Welker back on the field, with his knee issue hopefully behind him, will be fine.  The defense, unfortunately, is not merely a work in progress as some have claimed. That would indicate that there is hope that this group could be much better this year.  I don't see that happening at all (with or without J. Mayo).  The Pats have lost too many playmakers from their defense over the past 4-5 years and have not replaced them with equal or superior talent but rather with less costly inferior talent. The Pats must redouble their focus in the off-season to adding talent at line-backer, defensive backfield, and now the d-line.  They should also be looking for WR help, Oline help and kick returning ability.