Some question the Hoodie's drafting ability going into this season but after seeing how guys like Chung, Spikes, Cuningham, Vollmer, Gonzolez, Tate, Grokowski are playing, it seems crazy to think Hoodie is going to have more picks than anyone next year. 

I'd put this 10 draft picks against any team's draft picks of the last 10 years.

1.  Tom Brady - This was a miracle pick, but a Hall of Fame QB in the 6th round, come on.

2.  Richard Seymour - Another future Hall of Fame and won of the best defensive linemen ever to play. 

3.  Matt Light - A 2nd round pick that became an underrated franchise left tackle.     

4.  Asante Samuel - Finding a franchise CB in the 4th round who is easily still a top 5 CB in the NFL right now, amazing. 

5.  Jerod Mayo - Could be this generation's Ray Lewis if he stays healthy.       

6.   Vince Wilfork - He's this generation's Ted Washington which is a good thing to  have.        

7.  Logan Mankins - A franchise guard, perfect use of a late first round pick.

8.  Deion Branch - 2nd round pick isn't a franchise #1 WR but he's a pretty damn good #2. 

9.  Dan Koppen - A quality center for many years, nice 5th round pick.   

10. Brandon Meriweather - Pro-Bowl caliber safety is a good use of a draft pick.