Top 3 picks

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    Re: Top 3 picks

    Solid group of def-bags is more like it, Mccourty is a lock, pair him with Peterson keep bodden and Arington and dump the bums off as trade bait and remove some $$ from the roster. 
    I am so tired of hearing about depth this and depth that, can anyone tell me how 5 def backs will help us if only 1 can cover all the time?  Bodden is solid don't get me wrong but he is never going to be "primetime" or a lockdown, players like peterson and mccourty don't just fall into your lap every year.  I say go up and get him. probably could work a deal for #28 and our 2nd rounder for him.  There is no way we would get a player of that caliber at 17 or 28.
    The 2ndary of the pats will be flying high for about 6 years if they could orchestrate that trade and keep them all through the years.  It would also force all the play to the middle and BM can head hunt all he want then - he would look like an all-star.
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    Re: Top 3 picks

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    Honestly I would rather see JJ Watt 17 and Kerrigan at 28 if he would last that long but I don't think he will I would almost venture say trade up from 28 to 20 or so to get him, probably get him with #28 and our 3rd rd pick - lock down end and lock down OLB both tailer made for the Pats D system.  Draft either Lashoure or Ingram at 33.  That would be my dream draft.
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    watt and kerrigan first 2 picks,  now youre talkin.
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    Re: Top 3 picks

    All Defense....2 DE's and an OLB

    #17 Watt
    #28 Cam Heyward
    #33 J Houston