Top 5 greatest need.

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    I love BB, and he works in mysterious ways, So I won't be surprised if he picks WR with his first pick. IDK I'm just saying but here are my Top 5 Needs. 1. More Coaching - We are so good at blowing other teams out but we rarely now win games that go down the line. I think more high quality coaching can make a difference here.
    The way Bill has the organization set up I don't think you'll see anybody coming here in the matter in which you have presented.  The promote from within method is used.  Coaching is done much like the players that are drafted.  Bring in young talent and teach.  This was a rebuilding year.  Where did you have the Pats finishing at the beginning of the season?  The Pats met my goals for the team.  It was huge for them to reach the playoffs this year.  It wasn't so much Bill handling everything as it was overlooking.  Too much has been made of this.

    2. DE/OLB - Lot of time Stats are misleading and paint an incomplete picture. But sometimes they can crystallize the trust. The AVG QB rating of opposing QBs is above 100, you can't run away from that and until that changes or defense will never be superbowl ready. Plus Ninkovich and Banta Cain are solid backups thats it (That's why BB won the best coach award)
    I agree with you here.  That's why I believe two out of the first three picks will be used on these two positions.

    3. RB - Brady's deep ball is not the best in the world so a little help by a bruiser back like Mark Ingram type should open new doors for him.
    There could be a chance of him landing here but so many have Miami going after this guy before the Pats 2nd pick.  There are other good RBs out there in the later rounds.

    4. OL - Need to find more depth here.
    I would like to see an OT but they might all be gone by the time the 2nd pick comes up as well.  It seems everyone is looking for that OT.  Some very good interior lineman are there starting in the 2nd round though.

    5 CB - As everyone knows this is becoming a more pass driven league the hottest commodities on defense will soon be ball hawking secondary.
    I don't think this is a need at all.  McCourty, Bodden and Arrington are a nice trio.  You improve the pass rush and these guys will look super.

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    Re: Top 5 greatest need.

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    3. Harleys
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