Top needs for next season

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    Top needs for next season

    1. A new DC that is aggressive going after oppossing QB's and has never heard of 4th quarter prevent defense..
    2. An elite pass rusher who is on time for meetings.
    3. A 2nd elite pass rusher who has more than 3 good games in him.
    4. A new OC that has more than 5 play calls on his list. (Force it to Moss, force it to Welker, draw play to Faulk, LM up the middle for no gain, off of TE's fingers for an INT).
    5. An elite tackle like Vollmer who can protect Brady's blindside so that we can dump Matt Light and Nick Kaczur.
    6. An elite special teams KO and PR.
    7. A punter who can average more than 28 net yards a punt.
    8. An elite running back who is young and strong and can't dance.
    9. An elite TE who can actually catch a football, get open and be tough as nails and that can be Brady's safety valve ala Dallas Clark.
    10. & 11. & 12.  An elite DT, DE and NT who can stop the run.

    What are your top needs for the 2010 Patriots?

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    Re: Top needs for next season

    1 and 4 could have been solved by Romeo and Charlie but the Pats let them go to Kansas. All the people saying they probably want to show that they can be a success independantly of BB answer why would they sign on at the same team together again if they wanted show they can be a success independantly. Is it BB that wants to show he can be a superbowl winning coach without them? He has failed so far as the Pats haven't won a superbowl since they had charlie and romeo on the sidelines.