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Sounds great. I looked at their menu and it looks fun. Any palce that changes their menu often is usually worth going to, because you know they are working with market availability, which means it is all fresh. And I'll take duck anything thanks. I didn't know it was in upstate NY, but you can find nice bistro-style restaraunts in some places you wouldn't think, and that is an area with a lot of people who would be willing to drive and spend . . . and I know some of them. LOL.  I actually am a wine lover, but I also keep and buy as much beer and come up with some great pairings. I usually keep a few Belgian Blondes and sweet Dubbels around, along with at least one stout or porter from England and at least one traditional American style brew like a Yuengling or something clean and not overly hopped (like some pricey American beers tend to be) to go with some traditional American foods, and then like an American artisan copper. Pairing beer with food is great, the only thing that holds it back is that there aren't too many beers that are compatible as an apertif or dessert beer, so when I go with beer, I tend to get a fresh cocktail before, and then something like a fine scotch or bourbon to work with the dessert. It is difficult to go front to back on a meal. Although I am sure a fruit lambic from Belgium could work super for that, but very very few places actually have this kind of stuff on hand.   But that would actually be a great idea for a nice Brasserie with a tasting menu that goes course to course pairing with nothing but handcrafted beers.
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Z, I want apologize for my exaggeration.... this is a place we go to when in Potsdam-we went to college there. Before it became 1844 house it was Frenches 1844 House run by two old French ladies and it was really to die for...the Shrimp Corvo MMMM! I would order two entries LOL and the chicken en creme MMMM!

You love wine I love beer really microbrews. I belong to the beer of the month club which is great I get 12 beers a month from around the country. I just had a Fly Dog Triple from Maryland-a pale ale that 9% alcoholSmile it went really well with my BBQ chops