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    TRADE DEADLINE: Available RBs?

    With Morris' injury, we need a RB.

    Right now we have 3:

    Maroney: Sure, he looked good against the Titans, but he's never been consistent and he's injury prone.

    BJGE: He's ok but unproven

    Faulk: a 3rd down back in is 30s.

    There are 2 RBs that come to mind:

    Jerrious Norwood, Atlanta. I've always liked him coming out of Miss St. He's played well, but little, behind Michael Turner. Perhaps Atlanta could put Adailius Thomas' skills to better use?

    Larry Johnson, KC: He wants out. I can't believe Pioli won't deal him if the opportunity arose.

    NOTE: both teams have FO connections with the Pats: Davidoff in Atlanta and Pioli in KC.

    NOTE: the dollars have to match and the Pats do have some wiggle room from the Seymour trade.
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    Re: TRADE DEADLINE: Available RBs?

    I'm going to suggest a couple more, lesser-known names that could make an impact or provide depth to the New England backfield:

    1. Michael Bush: 25 years old, good north/south power runner who is stuck on a bad team with an awful offensive line (Oakland).  Last year, he was pretty productive.

    2. Peyton Hillis: Kind of a fullback/tailback hybrid, was a pleasant surprise as a rookie last year, and was productive as the feature back for a few games before getting hurt.  This year, he is behind Moreno and Buckhalter and hasn't had much of a chance.  However, he is big, physical, and quicker than expected.  Also, very versatile, he can play fullback and tailback, along with special teams.  Broncos may be willing to trade him.

    These guys are intended to be complements to Maroney, BJGE, and Faulk, with the ability to contribute each week, and step into a bigger role if needed.
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