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the headline should read "look at Branch once he gets cut". He had another knee scope the other day and currently will not pass a physical. Therefore he is unable to get on the field in a new system with a new coach. He also projects to be the #3 or #4 for the Seahawks and is on the books at over $5M. Seems as if no trade partners will present themselves, and Branch will be cut. At that time he is free to be signed at a reasonable rate. Perhaps the Pats could have him in to "kick the tires", but seems that the Holt signing makes it a moot point.
Posted by ronk1

I didn't get into the finanical aspects of Branch, but obviously it would have to be a very friendly cap #.  Paying Branch as Patten salary would make sense to me.  But who would  rather have on the roster, Patten or Branch?  I see Branch with a ton of more upside than Patten.