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Trade Ocho??

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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    I think its worth more to us to give Chad an opportunity to play across from Loyd....if he takes a pay cut. I think with more reps and a 2nd year in the system Chad could make an impact. Its gonna be tough for 6th rounders to even make this team.
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    A but I would entertain a 4th or 5th for him. I wouldn't actively look to trade him though because I think he could be good depth. He seems to be a good soldier.
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    IMO ...

    We probably couldn't even get a  6th for him .

    Maybe a conditional 7th ?

     15 catches total last year with umpteen wrong pass patterns and his share of embarrassing drops ( see 1st Buf game for exhibit A )

      I gotta believe that GMs must realize that they're better off developing a younger wr with upside over the diminishing returns of #85 .

    On the flipside - he did show he could play well with others .
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    he's not worth anything on the trade market.  Maybe a 6 or 7?
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    I think they're going to see what he can do after an offseason to learn the playbook.  I hope he and Brady are planning to spend some time together if they haven't already.  Ocho showed he still has some physcial skills last year.  If he can learn the plays, maybe he's a nice second or third wideout for us.  With Lloyd and (I assume) Welker, we only have two WR slots locked up.  I think we'll keep five (plus Slater, who'll be the sixth).  So Edelman, Gonzalez, Branch (maybe), Underwood, Ocho, Davis, and (I suspect) one or two more rookies or free agents will be competing for the remaining three spaces. I think Ocho has a good chance of getting one of those three spaces and I'd certainly bring him into camp an let him try to win one.    A lot may depend on whether we draft another WR or two or whether we bring in any more free agent WRs.  But right now, I'd have to say Ocho is definitely in the mix given the guys competing for the final three slots. 
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    He has no value right now. He put up numbers similar to many min value WR's yet he costs much more. Even if they restructure to min value it would be hard to find any suitor honestly.

    Or best bet is to either restructure to a vet min base and hope he can bounce back or just release him and save the cap
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    Yes. Please. Trade Ocho.
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    Any team that we'd trade Ocho to would have to take his salary - at least the renegotiated 3m. Who is going to trade for a guy who unfortunately did nothing last year at that price? What do you think they'll give us for him? a 7th?

    The guy has 1 year in the system. Since we'll probably be on the hook for his salary, he'll be given the chance to contribute in camp. Either he'll be cut at the end of camp or we'll have a HOF WR for your 5th reciever with a lot of upside if he suddenly "gets it"...
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    Why would anyone trade of Ocho when he's either taking a pay cut with the Pats or getting cut? There is no need to trade for him.

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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    How about trading him to Denver? For Tebow! Manning has picked Denver as his new team according to all the reports.This will definately end Tebow's stay in Denver and it has already been speculated that his landing spot will be the Patriots!!
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    It seems that if he doesn't renegotiate his contract then he counts as 3m against the cap. If he does renegotiate then he counts as 3m.

    If he doesn't renegotiate then I think he would be cut or traded. I think that's the only way.

    If he's going to count for 3m on the cap then the question is do we keep him or cut him. I don't think that we can in good faith trade him if he renegotiates (and that would be assuming that someone is willing to pay 3m for what you're calling a 3rd/4th WR option).

    To me the only question left is whether we cut him or keep him. I think we keep him, at very minimum through training camp - probably the whole year. There's no additional risk to keeping him, and he gets another chance to prove himself.

    He did seem to be a lot better toward the end of the year, although by then it appeared that Brady had lost faith somewhat. I think with training camp and the opportunity to rebuild that confidence he could have a lot of upside.
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    He has anyone heard if the pats have actual approached him about a pay cut for sure or just a rumor and had Ocho responed???????

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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    Everyone assumes he didn't know the playbook...  I think the reason he didn't get a lot of reps is because Bill OBrien was a complete moron at personnel groupings and they were so dead set on forcing balls into Welker and the TE's all season that Brady wouldn't look anywhere but the middle of the field.  Though his reps were very limited, he had some open routes that Brady either never saw or never bothered to look at.  I think with a more creative O coordinator, or at least an upgrade over OBrien, Chad might actually have some impact next season.  Bill OBrien had no understanding of gameplanning... for crying out loud, everyone on this board new what the play would be, based on which RB was on the field and to have the smallest guy on the field in Woody out there trying to pick up 3'rd down blitzes, we're luck TB made it out of the dead pool...  Ocho may just flourish with Lloyd on the other side...  If nothing else, he'll be depth for when Gonzales goes down the first week of camp.
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    I think if Wes plays this year, Ocho would be lucky to be the 4th option. Remember Tiquan got reps over him last year and will be improved in an offseason. The other thing is a young guy like Underwood tryna make a team is certainly gonna work harder than guy about to launch a reality show about his wedding.

    As much as I like him, I think its best to trade him if you can. If he just gonna be a body who is low on the depth chart, I would rather someone else. Atleast the expectation arent there with Tiquan, so there is no pressure. Ocho is a good man, but I dont know what his impact would be with Lloyd here. WIll Brady be able to take time out to get Lloyd AND Ocho on page??  I doubt it

    Get the 6th,. draft a sleeper RB
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    Ocho will likely get cut. I think they are bringing back Branch and they are done. There is no risk factor with Branch other than injury like any player so LLoyd basically replaces and uproductive Ocho in the offense and it automatically improves them on paper and everything should be smooth sailing.

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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    manowar... Ocho offered to renegotiate his number. Not sure if he wants a year added to spread it out or what his thought was. Patriots don't usually add years to existing deals just to spread the money out because that means you add money to the deal overall because it is an extension and a player like Ocho is not even likely to play out the existing contract. So why take a cap hit in a third year when you can just get rid of him this year and just take a 700,000 hit if he is cut rather then a 3 million dollar hit.
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    Re: Trade Ocho??

    Also, I dont know the market for CHad in regards to trade, but I will caution to the folks who keep pointing to his production or lack there of. Smart teams wont hold that against them

    1.) No team has a more complex, demanding offense than ours.

    2.) We had the best TE and Slot WR in football last year making Ocho's production not a Need for us.

    3.) Eddie Royal just got more money than Lloyd did and he had a bad season by his rookie standards.

    I understand we ALL wanted more from him, but unless anyone here played for the pats last year, we need to cut him some slack. We have NO proof of his comfortability with the playbook. The guy was never really given starters reps. The lone game vs NYG where Ocho got some real looks, Brady severely misfired the whole game. 

    REAL G.M's are gonna be able to figure that out and YES there are teams that would like his services. I wouldnt blame Ocho. I would blame B.B. for paying 6 millon to a player to be our 5th option. A team that doesnt have #87, #83, #81, and now Lloyd would still love to have Ocho...make no mistake.
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