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TRAGICALLY, its just the cowboys being cowboys?

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    Re: TRAGICALLY, its just the cowboys being cowboys?

    In response to COMMIE-CONTRARIAN's comment:  seems every day and esp in december before they collapse again there's something else. was considering picking them for the upset in cincy, forget it.. these guys have little character within or without, on or off the field.. they will not just lose but get BLOWEDDD out! another season lost. one dez bryant is enough, 10 of them make winning imposible. perhaps jerry can hire professional babysitters for the whole team to follow them all around and drive for them and then tuck them in bed at the right time.. just glad none of them pulled out their guns in the middle street.. at least someone's learning!

    The defense is beat up. Last count is 6 starters gone from the 2012 opening game when they beat the Giants.

    The loss of the two talented young inside linebackers Sean Lee and Bruce Carter along with nose tackle Jay Ratliff is killing them inside.