Trindon Holiday & McCluster

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    Trindon Holiday & McCluster

    the dolphins did it with a wish bone wild cat formation...


    bring back the WING T

                          McCluster                                           Trindon Holliday
    Moss                     Baker, Light, Kazur, Kop, Mankins, Vollmer,                

    Yes this is a stupid idea but;

    why it would work...

    McCluster and Trindon Holliday may both post a 4.2 40

    Both of them are return specialist WR and RB... they specialize on plays like bubble screens, screens and end arounds...

    Both can take off down the field and spread the field ala Mike Wallace for the Steelers and Desean Jackson of the Eagles.

    We could easily motion the TE on every play, motion Faulk and spread him out and have McCluster or Holliday fake a sweep at the snap.

    MclCluster can be taken in the Second and Holliday will last until the fourth or fifth because of his size....

    Nonetheless both would be WR/RB/ST return specialist

    The patriots have so many picks in this draft so grabbing a player like Holliday would be a great project

    Who nows maybe he will be the next Sprolles... he is faster!
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    Re: Trindon Holiday & McCluster

    I have watched both players a lot . . . likely more than most people here. The chances of NE taking one of them are very, very low. NE will never, ever take both of them. Other than that, I can say two things.

    1.) Both are fast, but Trindon Holliday is faster. He is a sprinter first, football player second. Some of my students that are sprinters talk about the guy like he is a freak. I guess a 10 second 100m is really, really good . . . and considering he is 5'5" it is even more impressive. I remember being told that his estimated 40 times were run on grass in high tops, which should give a point of reference as to how he should perform in running shoes at the combine or pro day. I would not be surprised to see something in the low 4.2 range at all. 

    2.) McCluster is in another league as an NFL ready player. He has a lot more experience on offense, and has better overall field awareness. He can actually run routes, he can block (a little) and likes the ball in his hands. I think of him as a smaller Percy Harvin, with less attitude perhaps. The only limit on his talent is if he can take an NFL style beatdown for a few seasons, because he is small, smaller than Sproles even.

    TH has made a few big plays, mostly kick-off returns. However, I have seen McCluster (really this last season when they let him loose) take a game over and just dominate, which is silly considering his size. 

    Holliday is someone you take late, late in day two, or as an UFA.

    McCluster is a day one kid, maybe late in day one for the best value.
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    Re: Trindon Holiday & McCluster

    I tend to think McCluster is a legitimate option in NE due his quick twitch athleticism, explosiveness, versatility and value on special teams.  All things BB puts a ton of value in.

    He's a kid that opposing DC's will have to game plan/account for at all times when he's on the field.

    Measuring in at 5-9 172 at the combine does reflect a potential cause for concern in regards to durability though.
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    Re: Trindon Holiday & McCluster

    reason i brought it up is because trindon has the straight line speed that will get him to the second level and open the field if he is not jammed @ the line of scrimmage... that is why he may have to be on the move, in the slot or flanked by a receiver with similar skills.... Moss

    He may be able to bust a big play here and there and i am sure McCluster could do the same but he is more like the second comming of reggie bush only small like sprolles.

    Either way both of them would fit a need on the team as a punt and kick returner first in Holliday's case and as a third down back slash 3rd receiver for McCluster.

    Beside if Holliday runs a 4.2 Al Davis will draft him in the 3rd round just because he is infatuated with speed and he is stupid