Troy Aikman

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    Re: Troy Aikman

    I heard some of Aikman's thoughts.   I also think it's shortsighted of the media to play the strength of schedule card on the Pats, but not on GB.  That team also played teams with a worse than average record. 

    Here's their schedule against average or below teams, remembering that they lost to KC.

    Carolina (6-10), Chicago (8-8), Denver (8-8), St Louis (2-14), Minn(3-13),
    SD (8-8), TB (4-12), Oak (8-8) , KC (7-9).

    Here's the only winning teams they faced:

    NO (13-3), Atl (10-6), Det (10-6), and NYG (9-7). 

    So what's with the media bias?  It's hard to even consider the Rams an NFL team this year, and KC toughed out a win against the vaulted GB team.

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    Re: Troy Aikman

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    In Response to Re: Troy Aikman : Mr. Adams or whatever your name is. If you took the time to read my comment carefully maybe you would understand what I was saying but your comprehension level being what it is won't allow you to fully understand. All that being said I'm going to have the pleasure of blocking or putting on ignore one more TROLL !! Good Bye Hetchinspete. 
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    Wow, so in your opinion if someone disagees with you they're a troll? It's clear that we got off on the wrong foot together, next time read the post before opening your big freaking mouth and we'll be on the same page!
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