True Tales of horror at

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    Sweet Ride
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    Sweet Ride
    Posted by gmbill

    What?  You couldn't spring for the faux wood paneling upgrade?

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    LOL, great story
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    You guys live in Manitoba somewhere?  
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    First, MyBologna nailed it...I'm no longer certain I'm actually a real person or even alive.  I have huntches and hints that can go in either direction argumentally... 

    Second, Although I wanna fight for the rights OF The Village People (or impoverished and those with even 1/100th of 1% whom have a lesser say by age, race, gender, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, asset-wise, generation-wise, etc., etc until the end of time), I don't actually wanna BE a Village Person... Because it's all about YOU People- the very moment ya rail on against some poor, g#y, mexican Mormon...I'M gonna give you the recipe for some vibrant & colorful snack dip that my 3 Favorite Relatives: Brigham Young, Ru Paul, and General Santa Anna added equal parts into, in order to make it the very BEST salsa dish ever contrived.  Because as I believe, ya shouldn't set out to be "Everything" in this world, as you think'ya can do as a st#pid youth just coming into adulthood...  Likewise, ya shouldn't limit your perspective, as you inevitably do in adulthood, by setting out to be "Something."  No...As a child you ha the correct response and/or viewpoint when someone asked you what you'd like to be=It was "anything."  Neither the "Everything-Ego" nor the "Something-Selectiveness" will bring you any form of true and lasting content or fulfillment.

    Finally, Gahd-dang-it! And I'm sorry if this actually happens to be YOUR car, gmbll...but sheez, WhyInTH, are you wrecking that beautiful specimen, with THAT type of hood scoop (it's like a beautiful woman gettin' so many bre#st enhancements that inevitably the only people who end up calling her for modeling pics, Are photographers working for humorous greeting card companies. Geez..).  That scoop's just a freakin' travesty.  Think it's one of those Cowl inductionscoops that they made so big that they're no longer sure if it's an oversized cowl inductor on steroids, or an oversized aero inductor going through a long growth spurt (WhatTF?!?).  So many better scoops: Low & wide Stingray-type, or the scorpion version of it, which is longer, a bit lower (or same height), and has 2 seperate dual intakes (I think?).  Dude, can'tcha do a seperate ramair grouping down the middle, or even some further apart dual-thing, like on Vettes or Firebirds...  Do a small bullet set, do the smallest of the middle shaker types...  Just do SOME-thing to fix that gaudiness (OR ya can always just enhance the horrible gaudiness with some green neon paint yello underglow, and colorful plastic bumper).