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    What a force this guy has become.  Not only is he consistently applying pressure to the qb (another sack today, a forced fumble, and multiple hurries) but his improvement in the running game is staggering.  I can't count how many times this year he's come around the edge and stopped running plays in pursuit at the line of scrimmage.  He's truly become a complete player, flying all over the field, and I'll be the first to admit that I did not see this coming at all.

    Now if we can pick up a dominant pass rusher to play opposite Tully next year, this defense will start to really take shape.
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    Re: Tully!

    Glad  we picked him back up after SF let him go.
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    Re: Tully!

    I know they play different positions and different systems but look at these numbers

    Banta Cain  9.5 sacks  2 Forced fumble  52 tackles

    Adalius       3.0 sacks  0 Forced fumble  34 tackles  1 bad attitude

    Seymour     4.0 sacks  1 Forced fumble  41 tackles

    Burgess      4.0 sacks  1 Forced fumble  26 tackles

    Burgess isn't great but appears to be about as good as Seymour for much less $.  Banta-Cain has been exellent, too bad dead weight Adalius is on the other side.  He should be arrested for stealing 10 million dollars from Robert Kraft.
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    Re: Tully!

    all the more reason to say bye bye to AD after the season