Aside from the "poor play" and coaching in all 3 phases of the game - turnovers are just killing us.

INTs by Brady and fumbles have hurt us.  IMHO, Brady has been forcing the ball more than usual (especially to Moss and Welker) - and needs to play smarter by either just getting rid of the ball - or hitting the OPEN receiver.  He may not have many choices but to do so with the loss of Welker. If he thinks he can force balls to Moss in the playoffs - he is mistaken.  Of course, this doesn't mean that the Patriots shouldn't lengthen the field by taking their shots down field - but he should place the ball where opponents don't have a chance to get to the ball (and WRs need to do their part by using their bodies to shield the ball away from defenders).

The fumbles in opponent's endzone (and our own endzone in the game vs. Texans) has got to stop.  I am amazed that this has occurred yet again - and that the coaches (and players) have NOT corrected the problem after Maroney lost the football in the end zone the FIRST time it happened. IMHO, yeah - mebbe it might happen twice - but THREE times? This is both a Coaching error AND player problem. The two fumbles in our opponents end zone cost us 14 points...and 7 pts. in our own endzones. 

With the physical condition that our team is in, and the team NOT firing on all cylinders for a full 60 minutes - we CANNOT afford to give the ball away in the post season.