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    Re: Turnovers

    Here's what Bruschi had to say about the turnover situation:

    "There are two factors that come into play for that. The last five games have been very close and when that is the cases, the opposing offense will take fewer chances. When a team has a lead, a defense can play more aggressively through defensive play-calling and the chances you take on the field. The second thing is the Patriots' struggles to stop the run. So what you're getting is second-and-short and third-and-short situations, and the plays the opponents are running are higher percentage plays."

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    Re: Turnovers

    Our pass rush is not generating enough pressure to force bad throws. We don't have the talent to generate consistent pressure with 4 guys. And our Defense doesn't like to gamble too much. BB loves the bend but don't break for some reason. He thinks eventually you will throw a pick or fumble the ball and we will capitalize. When that doesn't happen offenses go on 12 play 90 yd touchdown drives. Lets face it we all knew on 3rd and 17 that Miami had a damn good chance of converting. And when Miami went on 4th and 5  I was pretty sure they would convert. And when the Dolphins crossed into our territory on their last drive I knew they would score a TD and not have a turnover or settle for a field goal. I was just hoping we have enough time to have one more drive. I know we are depleted on defense, but this defense has been near the bottom of the barrell for years. Do you think Miami converts on 3rd & 17 against Seattle? Or most NFL defenses? It should have been game over. I'm sick of the Jason Campbell's throwing for 400yds against us. Geno Smith looks like Steve Young. We allow 100+ yd rushers every week and 350+ yd passers. Brady can't bail us out every week. His frustration was evident at the press conference yesterday. And also at the beginning of the year when the offense was bogged down.

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    Re: Turnovers

    Gregory is flat out horrible. He had to know that with Cole in there the ball was coming his way. Has he even deflected a pass this year? And Arrington at corner again gets burned but luckily for him the pass is underthrown and the ball bounces off of him because he always plays with his back to the QB. Another issue is why Hightower is even on the field in passing situations, if they are not going to use him blitzing---he's totally useless in pass cioverage. If you can't get pressure on QBs rushing 3 or 4 you gotta blitz. What's so complicated about that?

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    Re: Turnovers

    In response to pezz4pats' comment:

    demonstrate that for me again, would ya?  Must have missed that.

    Done.  Care to comment?

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    Re: Turnovers

    In response to wmasschilly's comment:

    I know it has been mentioned a little, but what has happened? The D (or ST for that matter) has not iinduced a turnover for three straight games

    Turnover?? Whats that? If you are talking food, I like apple turnovers. Actually made my 1st homeade turnovers a month ago and they came out pretty good I must say. Great for breakfast w/my coffe. Just slice up some apples. Put some sugar and water in a saucepan, let it sizzle, throw in the apple slices and use goya empanada and fold over and seal with a fork. Bake 12 minutes and Enjoy, Hmmmmmm!  

    Your welcome for the recipe

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    Re: Turnovers

    so even if the other team runs to protect the ball more............where are the hard hits?.......heck our guys get "knocked out".  Pats D needs to toughen up.

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    Re: Turnovers

    In response to pcmIV's comment:

    In addition it was demonstrated last season that the Patriots D forced most of their turnovers in situations where the team was losing or had under a double digit lead.  This narrative that previous defenses forced TOs because of big leads is fiction.  They just aren't doing it this year for whatever reason.

    Good question, Not sure but it seems to me this is the worst run D we've had in years...leads to more makeable down and distance combos..other team always seems to be 2nd and 5, 3rd and 2 ...maybe they don't have to fight as hard for that extra yard