Ty Law In Pats Hall

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    Ty Law In Pats Hall

    I want to say I'm happy to see him in there and think he deserves to be in there BUT, I feel Ray Clayborn should have gotten in there first. For you younger folks you have no idea what kind of corner Ray was, 12 years and during all 12 of those years QB's would not toss the ball to a receiver he was covering. He started a patriot and ended his career as a patriot. There are a lot of players from the late 70's through the mid 80's that I fear will not make the Hall due to the age of the voters and that is a real shame.

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    Re: Ty Law In Pats Hall

    I agree that Raymond Clayborn should have been in the hall before now, just not at Ty's expense.

    Mike Haynes and Raymond Clayborn were the best tandem of corners the Patriots have ever had.