UFA's who add value and depth

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    UFA's who add value and depth

    1) SS Aaron Rouse - his measurables are of the charts 6'4" 227 4.4 speed,
    2) SS Roy Williams - beast in the middle
    3) Akin Oydele - Valuable 3-4 ILB with experience in the system
    4) Marcus Spears - Value in the 3-4, better than Green and Warren and he may come on the cheap, one year deal ala Bodden 2009
    5) Kaseem Osgood - 6'5" 230 - almost big enough to play TE tough enough to block like a TE, adds value to ST, WR and could be used similar to Dallas Clark, his size would make him a great red zone target on the opposit side on Moss on the goal line.

    DRAFT - RB, TE, Pass rushing end, pass rushing OLB

    I persoanlly think Ricky Sapp and Jerry Hughes will be available at 47 and 53...

    I would prefer the patriots build the defense as they had in 01 and load up on offense so TB can get ring number 4 with his current team intact.

    4th, 5th, 6th, 7th

    Trade into the third for RB talent, Trade into the fourth for TE talent
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    Re: UFA's who add value and depth

    If the Ravens are no longer interested in Mason maybe BB will kick the tires on him. Also Profootballtalk.com is reporting that Josh reed is coming to New england for a Visit tomorrow 3/7/10. Leigh Bodden was given a more than fair offer by the Patriots according to NFL.com..