The more I see the coverage and analysis of the play, the more I agree with the call. First and foremost, I can't say how apalled I am at how much coverage ESPN has dedicated to the play. They sure do love seeing the mighty Patriots "fall." They'll also conduct as many interviews as possible to get someone to go on air and call out Belichick, but thank God, our team doesn't work that way. The entire sequence, including the timeouts, went awry and everyone's to blame, especially coaching. There was a mix-up with substitutions and that's why the last timeout was burned. I still think we got the first down but apparently, the refs didn't. Still, we were a play away from winning on several occasions so blaming the spot of the ball is pointless and it's just us crying over spilled milk.

In the end, I think this will help strengthen the team and prepare them for January football. By the way, remember we're stilll going to make the playoffs. If this happened to a young up-and-coming team like say Houston or San Francisco, sure, it could be a crushing blow for their confidence. The Patriots have a veteran leadership core and a veteran coaching staff. They will be fine.

Similar to how the Bills win came back in the worst way in this Colts game, I think we're going to get another chance similar to this when it matters most and the team will capitalize because they'll rely on this experience.