Unbeaten Opponents

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    Unbeaten Opponents

    If Denver can come back from 3 back against the Cowboys to win, the Patriots first five opponents would have been previously unbeaten.

    Buffalo 0-0
    Jets 1-0
    Falcons 2-0
    Ravens 3-0
    Broncos 4-0* (with win vs. Cowboys)

    Has this ever happened before?

    It is then possible for the Patriots to start a run against previously winless teams in Tennessee and Tampa Bay.

    I can't imagine that a team has ever started a season against five unbeatens, then faced two winless teams directly after that.

    It would then be possible for the Patriots to get to week 9 before playing a team with both a win and a loss on their resumes.

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    Re: Unbeaten Opponents

    please end yourself now
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    Re: Unbeaten Opponents

    its the winless teams i worry about most.it seems like teams let there gaurd down,or dont play as hard when they play the winless teams.
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    Re: Unbeaten Opponents

    In Response to Re: Unbeaten Opponents:
    please end yourself now
    Posted by WCPatsFan

    I always wanted to know who the most disgusting person here was.

    And you stood up.

    Now go out to the garage, close the door, and start the car.
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    Re: Unbeaten Opponents


    And Peter King wrote this, hours after I noticed it.

    5. I think New England could have the quirkiest schedule a team has ever faced. It opened the season against the 0-0 Bills, the 1-0 Jets, the 2-0 Falcons, the 3-0 Ravens and now gets the 4-0 Broncos ... and then against what could be the 0-5 Titans (if they lose to Indy this week) and the 0-6 Bucs (if they lose to Philly and the Panthers).
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    Re: Unbeaten Opponents

    Let's just worry about Denver right now. They are at 4-0 with a win over the dysfunctional Cowboys. At this point I'd say that Wade should get the axe already, and Norv goes to number two, he should be right after Phillips! The Patriots have had very bad games in Denver in the past. But they only have Orton at QB, and I'm sure Bill knows Josh as well as any other HC in the league. Tom and Randy just need to keep the catches going...especially the six-pointers! I hope the Titans win this week. Fisher's old buddy Tony isn't there any more, so maybe he'll let loose the hounds. They must have got too big headed about 13 wins last year. One game at a time. They need to come out of Denver with a W, then they'll be up on all the AFC teams except the Jests and Colts, who they play later on. People complain because they're not dominant, but they're winning. I also hope the Bucs win one, too. That's the game in London, no need to give it more distractions. One week at a time. It's time for the next undefeated to suffer it's first loss...Denver!
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    Re: Unbeaten Opponents

    Well one thing is for sure with our current schedule no one can say it has been easy.