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    After the initial shock and a good night's sleep, I woke up this morning with this thought:

    By giving the offense the job of winning or losing the game on that last possession, Belichick effectively admitted that his defense can't stop the no-huddle for 60 minutes and that is troubling. I would be curious to see, assuming the Pats can manage to scratch their way to a rematch with the Colts, if they even bother to bring the punter -- as it seems pretty clear that the only way they're going to beat that team is to score every time they have the ball, and perhaps not even then.

    But it's not all doom and gloom -- underdogg, I snatched this post off of KFAN.com just to give you an idea what some of the out-of-town whackos are thinking. This should amuse you. It certainly amused me.

    Re: Brady / Manning War right now.

    Postby hell0world on Mon Nov 16, 2009 12:26 am

    Vikes Rube wrote:My lord. I cannot believe that Belichick went for that. That's the type of call I would make in a video game.

    That's what I was thinking! :lmao:

    But he probably felt like he was playing a video game after the Pass interference call on the drive before for the Colts.

    Let's face it, these games may not have their outcomes rigged. That thought can be debated or ridiculed. But let's face reality, the refs in this league are creating a story with each game, especially -- I repeat -- ESPECIALLY the 3:00 and night games where the audiences are higher.

    They make calls to keep games as close as they can till the end. This keeps viewership up during the game and look at all the great highlights and debates that follow such games.

    It's getting much like scripted reality shows. I stopped watching those after they got sickening too. NFL Football is almost there. Maybe already there.

    Don't believe me? Anyone watch our Steeler/Viking game? Same story-minus the 4th dn call.

    The sad part is the Patriots botched the use of their timeouts and couldn't get that play reviewed. Then Belichick makes that 4th down decision and gives all the Ref backers the ammo they need to say the Patriots lost it with some odd decisions.

    Only Deion has the balls so far to stand up and call B.S. on the Interference call and the spot of the ball on the 4th dn play. No one else will. The league pays for their lifestyle.

    Deion doesn't need the league. But the league needs Deion's call of reality right now. Enough of this crap.


    My thought on his 4th dn call to go for it is this:

    Belichick and Brady saw that interference call the drive before and knew what was going on. They knew damn well that either Manning would have drove a 70 yrd drive with no problem, or the refs would help them get most of the way anyway. They figured the only way to take it out of the Ref's hands or out of Manning's hands, was to just go for it. My only issue with the play was the play choice. They ran that play two or three times in a row. For an offense that can travel any field in less than a minute, that seemed pretty small minded to run Faulk up the middle on 1st dn and then run two identical pass plays there. Sadder yet, the Refs still got involved with another *** call on the spot.

    Crazy call. No doubt. But when you realize you are against a damn good team and the Refs, to hell with it, go for it. It was almost like a protest to the league...going for it. They don't have the right to complain in public without getting fined real money. They don't have free speech in the league. So the smartest coach in the league and one of the two best Quarterbacks in the league, choose to make one of the most ridiculous choices at the end of a game. It was a public protest. Sadly, this is football and it's surrounded by some of the dumbest people on the planet, so not many will understand what they did.
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    Re: Underdogg is here

    In Response to Re: Underdogg is here:
    Got a question for the 2 of you.  Rock and HRK - Take away the big plays for the pats - Moss 2 big catches; Welker return.  There were 2 others for like 25+ yds, obviously not as important - what did the pats do in that game offensively? consider the multiple young wr drops (not due to db pressure) in the first half.  the colts did deserve the game, because they made the plays down the stretch when given the opportunity, but they left a lot of plays on the field on both sides of the ball.  the pats did not see the colts best game.
    Posted by underdogg

    Ummm... good point, If you don't count the plays they made then they didn't make any plays? 
    Minus those Moss catches I guess it would bring Brady's yards total down to Mannings.  I wasn't going to bring this up but if you take away pass interference what did the Colts do?  We could probably do this all day but Moss will always make plays, Wayne will always make plays you can't erase them from the stat sheet as anomolies.
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    Re: Underdogg is here

    Shen - my point is that I believe the colts can take away 1 of those 2 big moss plays in any given game.  I believe that the colts can catch half or more of the passes they dropped in any given game.  I believe the colts can pick of one of the two ints they dropped or fall on the fumbled ball that was stripped in any given game.  I believe they can take away Welker's return in any given game. 

    They did not do any of that in this game and still won.  This is exactly why I like the colts chances if they play again AND Kelvin Hayden should be back in the D backfield covering moss - not Lacey.