Ignore Winfield, he is a Colts troll. Of course, anything that comes out of Mr. Wonderful's mouth must be truthful and respectful! Maybe he feels "betrayed" by the front office concerning the coaching changes. But for saying the replacements "aren't doing much coaching" should not have been sprouted to the media, whether it was accurate or not! I'm sure you'd never hear Brady comment on how well any coach (or fellow player) was doing their job! Peyton isn't stupid (like a lot of his admirers). He knows well what the media does with stray comments, especially coming from the reigning MVP. Non-Patriots fans like to claim the players are "brainwashed". It's just that they've been taught how words can be used out of context. Manning has to know his words will be analyzed, and that it may ruffle a few feathers. He should have gone to Polian or Irsay (or whoever else may be closely involved) and aired his opinion. Yet (like the "protection problems" comment) he made it public news. I never heard Tom complaining about his O-line after SB42. And he got hammered harder than Peyton did in his loss to the Steelers!