When the Belichick era ends fans will look back and say that was a wild ride. He delivered Pats fans to the promised land not once but three times and gave us a perfect 16-0 season before losing in the Super Bowl.  He is a brilliant football coach. His ability to study film has been a blessing (it also brought us spy gate).  He is remarkably durable and able to "move on" from one challenge to the next! He is a man who values relationships with players and fellow coaches but at the same time can be distant. He's a coach that looks at players as interchangeable parts (perhaps Brady is the exception) here one day gone the next and perhaps he's proven his point that a great coach can over come a talent drain. Still could this be his flaw. Players that leave seldom return. Several young players key to the Pats future were not resigned and it has led to a turn over at CB and WR (Assante Samuel and Deon Branch). Colts and steelers like to lock up their young studs before the contract expires. As the league has become more of a offense league- passing league, these positions have become more important. The Pats have retooled several times since Branch and Givens left. This has put Brady at a distinct disadvantage to Peyton Manning. On defense, the Pats have had a revolving door at CB. To Belichick's credit he has done as great a job as any coach could of keeping his team competitive. At the beginning of this season, I viewed the Pats as rebuilding after trading away Vrabel and Seymour and losing Bruschi and Harrison to retirement. I'm pleased that we could be at 6-3 at this point. There is alot to like with all the new first and second year players added to the team. Still we're a few players away from really competing (Brady could sure use a real third WR). 
I'm betting Belichick will return to a power running attack bringing balance to the offense and that he will draft defensive ends with exceptional speed that can pressure the QB. The game is changing and speed is the most valued asset.