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There is no way anyone can say I am the one who initiates or disrupts discussions here. Those are trolls. I am the one who took on these trolls, hoping others would also protect the board but with others enabling the trolls like you, and no mods here, it's a mess.

We've been dealing with this forever.


Actually there is. You have been banned what 25-30 times? But yet you aren't the problem? Oh yeah....another conspiracy against poor little Napoleon!! Add it to you pathetic list of ridiculous conspiracy theories you clown.

"We've been dealing with this forever".....there is no "we"'s just you. And all of us have been laughing at YOU forever. Do you have a t-shirt that says: "Troll Buster" or maybe "Message Board Police"?? Do either of your message board uniforms match your Napoleon helmet?

Trust me, nobody cares what you say, or what your next agenda is. People don't like you because you are a world-class d o u c h e bag!!

Stop your whining, and grow a set you tiny little pee-on!!


I just found this picture of Rusty Napoleon. Looks like he just finished a session with his BB doll

Wrong race to be the Rusty who posts here.