Underwood released..

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    Re: Underwood released..

    i love TU, real issue is he doesnt play on special teams. bad news for RON BRACE. ocho doesnt play on special teams either but thats the issue. u cant 3 of those guys loafing around (with branch).. plus as has been stated by contrarian and others, this will be a game about rnning the ball. ocho bar none has been the best wr we have in clearing out lanes on big runs! TU will be back in the pre-season or on the practice squad.
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    Re: Underwood released..

    That sucks for Underwood, he handled it with class. Great news for Silvestro, what could be more motivating than going from practice squad to playing in the Superbowl?  I can see him having a significant presence in the game, especially on special teams.