Thought the Bills penalties were the story of the game.

Pats made numerous mistakes as well with defense lining up in the neutral zone, personal fouls etc. Sloppy game by the Pats all around. 

I thought Woodhead was immense and used perfectly. Ridley ran very well, in spite of the OL being pushed back too many times 

Vollmer if he plays all season should be pro bowler. Solder playing just as well. Wendell continues to be a soft spot to my eye. Team clearly needs to spend a high draft choice on the OL.

Welker had the drops, but otherwise played a typical Welker game. I have no problem with his game today. I questioned the Lloyd signing in the summer, and wondered how he would play if he wasn't "the man" like he was with the Broncos/Rams. 

Linebackers played their worst game of the year. Couldn't cover anyone (Chandler always kills the Pats) and too many missed tackles. Mayo in particular played poorly. 

I think when everyone in he defensive backfield is healthy, Gregory will be he 4th S. When signed I called him a 3/4 S, not a starter. I haven't seen anything from him this year saying he should start.

Gostkowski's kick offs were great all day.

Brady was lucky some of the tips and batted balls weren't intercepted. I thought he had a great game and the numbers would have been better if n it for the drops.

I find it worrisome if not for the turnover, the defense can't make the key stop.

Not a great year for BB the GM. His free agents are very underwhelming. Gregory, Fells, LLoyd, Scott, Fanene, Carpenter, Gallery, Gonzo, Stallworth, Gaff....Lloyd's production gives BB a D rather than a Fail. Looks like Pats will also draft between 24 and 32. Pats have no 4,5 or 6th rounder to move up and select for need.