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The nick name "Redskins" was coined by the Native Amercians themselves

According to a Poll 90%of Native Amerians are not offended by the term

I believe the the name Oklahome derives from the word Redskin

There are several High Schools who are predominantly Native American with the nickname "Redskins"

The Washington Redskins use this name in honor of Indians, If thye feel that is the marketing name they wish to use- its their call.

There is no Right in the Constituition not to be offended and the misguided ruling by the Patent Office is a "takinngs" of the Washington Redskons property rights

Johnthon Turley -  a well known Liberal Professor and Lawyer - says thatt this is over the line for the Patent Office to make this ruling. EVentually we will have the Government deciding every word we can and cannot use

Like the name or not - this is Politically Correctness by the Dems and the LIbs because they are failing at everything else they do. Maybe Sen Warren's alledged 1/256th native American roots offended her

Pat's Fan lost in Jet Land


Actually Oklahoma is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people". So no, Oklahoma does not any link to the term "redskin".



Oklahoma was known as "Indian Territory" when all the eastern tribes were relocated back in the 1800's. It became Oklahoma in 1907.



Pat's Fan lost in Jet Land










okie dokie lol








its not exactly what I heard , but doesn't change my point ofview 


 the channel 4 report isn't quite as clear cut as you say, but the question was asked should Oklahoma change their name 




am not a linquists exprt but there may no difference between race and skin in the Native American language, maybe, maybe not 


the hs redskin names came from an Espn source and in some Oklahoma


And the bigger point is that I am so tired of the Gov putting their noses in where they don't belong