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Usage Of TE's

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    Usage Of TE's

    Since the Bye week Chris Baker has 19 yards receiving, whats up with that? To get the pressure of Welker and Moss why not throw to Baker? Baker has gained 97 yards this season. This is his worst season since 2002, his rookie year.

    Benjamin Watson has been effective in the End zone with 5 TD's
    Watson has gone through 4 games without any receiving yards.

    The usage of TE's has been minimal, and i think they should get the rock alot more.
    The patriot also have not been using the Play action so much, which is a good play to get the TE's more in the game.

    What do you guys think?

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    Re: Usage Of TE's

    Totally agree. The TE's have been seldom used this year. I would say 75% of the throwing plays are to Welker & Moss. I bet the teams that play the Pats say stop them & that is their offense game plan.

    We have some very good TE's which is odd.