Vellano Trip

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    Vellano Trip

    Everytime I see the replay of Joe Vellano tripping Luckyboy, the people commenting on it fail to mention that 75 had his left arm in an armbar hold! I guess Joe thought if you are going to hold me then I am going to do what I need to stop Luckyboy. It was a good play because if he doesn't trip him then Luck would maybe have run 15 yards anyways. Good gamble by Joe.

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    Re: Vellano Trip

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    I saw the trip on replay. I thought is was unintentional. Incidental contact. I know Vellano wasnt penalized, but was he fined by the league? Didnt see anything on it yet

    A trip is sticking your leg out intentionally for the tackle....When your facing the other way and being shoved by a 300 lineman, sticking your leg behind you is a natural reaction to brace yourself....

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