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    Re: Vereen

    I have been excited about Vereen since the moment we drafted him. I expected him to become the feature back, not Ridley. And that still might be the end result though I believe this will always be a 2-3 back offense.

    Vereen has more power than many people here give him credit for. He pressed more than any back under 230 lbs the year he was drafted. He was NOT drafted as a third down back but he is a very good receiver - meaning not only can he catch but he can run patterns downfield. And you saw his speed on the 83 yard play.

    When Bolden comes back we will see him get some carries. That will keep everyone fresher and healthier and add some power to the running game. But Vereen adds some things that none of the others have.

    I do recall on some of the BB as GM threads that many young players get pointed to in order to illustrate how mediocre or worse BB is at drafting. Cunningham is one example. Vereen has been an example as well. So has Edelman. So has Cannon (note Cannon did a decent job of it starting for Vollmer this week). So has Solder. To name just some. So next time you chime in on a BB draft thread keep in mind that it takes some time to see how a player will pan out. McCourty is looking like a pretty decent safety to me.... And Vereen is showing why we have him.


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    Re: Vereen

    The Pats are loaded at running back this year.

    Brady has to be feeling the love. He is definitely taking less hits because they can't blitz on him every play now - they have to play the run also.