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Vereen's coming out party?

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    Re: Vereen's coming out party?

    In response to Iceman4's comment:

    I would start that Ravens attack with alot of spread huddle......and alot of swings to the sidelines. Get those Raven defenders running early and often.......tire them out early.

    This is exactly what they will do which is why it was dumb for that back up to run his yaps! Now his teamates who START will have to deal with the Hurry up Early and Often! This will negate Bmores agressiveness and cause them to keep their backers in coverage while we pick them apart and if/when they get out their base defense and try the nickel or dime to stop us, we RUN IT DOWN THEIR THROATS!!!   Thx AyanbaDay ho!

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    Re: Vereen's coming out party?

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    Can Vereen be the difference maker? 

    He is certainly making headlines. Not many running backs in the NFL can run wheel routes and fly routes like a WR. He certainly lit the Texans up tonight. 

    Here are some headlines about the win, and how he stole space even from Brady's perfect night:

    Shane Vereen led the Patriots past the Texans to set up an AFC title clash with the Ravens."

    Brady, Vereen propel Patriots -- ESPN

    Third Stringer Shane Vereen stars for Patrios --

    Unlikely Contributors Aid New England as it Advances to AFC Championship Game -- Foxsports

    Shane Vereen Takes Chance and Runs with It. --\


    Sure there are more out there. 124 AP yards and three TDS, two receiving from three wide/spread was just impressive. 

    The question, is he the play maker in the absence of Gronk, or is this a one off?

    I was thrilled the moment we drafted Vereen. I was disappointed in the slowness of his development, integration into the offense the last two years. But between his toughness, up strength, speed, quickness, balance, route running, and pass catching abilities I thought he would be a great player and eventually used more like (forgive me for this over the top comparison) Marshal Faulk. Not that I expected him to be all world but that he could be one of the best in the conference and versatile and very very dangerous.

    I am not surprised he is showing signs of this sort of ability. I do HOPE he continues to deliver in big ways.

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    Re: Vereen's coming out party?

    Vereen could be Thurman Thomas II....  if he is used enough...