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Very Premature Pre-Draft Team Analysis

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    Very Premature Pre-Draft Team Analysis

    It's far too early in the season to look at week 17 and play "what do you think".  But it's not too early to take a look at what we essentially have on this team.  I'm not counting on any further aquisitions or even our draft picks to make a major impact even though there are still, apparently, some scenarios out there that would lead to a far better squad than the one we have today.  Still - the team looks pretty good.

    Con - We still haven't really seen the effects of SuperBowl XLII unfortunately.  Teams will play Brady differently than they played Cassel towards the end of the season.  To be frank it's a lot easier to blitz Brady than Cassel where he was so good running the ball.  I expect our interior linemen to get their butts kicked this year.  We'll need help keeping them on the field.
    Pro - The running game will be excellent.  Fred Taylor may not be our top guy but he's going to give you 4+ yards a play.  Anything else we get from Maroney is a bonus because fans have all but written the guy off.  I expect "Law Firm" to be our Full Back and I expect him to be much better in goal line rushing situations than Heath Evans.

    Defense -
    Con - Pass rush; did it exist last year?  Lose Vrabel is as much of a chemistry hit as anything else but you were always comfortable with him on the field regardless of his production in 2008.  On the other end, I can't remember a single productive play of Pierre Woods career and I've been watching closely.  Four man line anyone?
    Pro - The secondary is going to be a complete reversal of last year's fortunes.  I love all the pick ups and I think Meriweather is a year away from the Pro Bowl.  He's the next Samuel in my mind (a guy who makes a major leap and teams are afraid to put the play near).  Harrison is essentially through but this secondary is the fastest and most aggressive we've had since 2003.

    Special Teams
    Con - We lost Lonnie Paxton.  I've seen about two or three bad snaps from him his entire career.  I don't know exactly what his loss will mean but I do know that a bad long snapper can create turnovers.  If that will be an issue remains to be seen.
    Pro - I don't see Izzo as a major loss.  We've got so many talented young guys who can't start on offense or defense because of the depth that there will be a lot to choose from when putting our units together.  I'll make a wager right now that without the wedge in place we won't let up a special teams touchdown this entire season.  I see Maroney becoming more active returning kicks as he's clearly not the #1 RB anymore.
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    Re: Very Premature Pre-Draft Team Analysis

    If Brady plays every game the passing game will improve. That is almost a given.

    What really needs to improve is the teams 3rd down and redzone defense which is a combonation of poor secondary play and a lack of a pass rush.  If it doesnt the Patriots wont make it very far in the playoffs.  I think both of them will imrpove, but with the addition of two proven players, the 2ndary will be the most improved. 

    I really hope Crable turns into a solid starter this year though.
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    Re: Very Premature Pre-Draft Team Analysis

    I think Crable will make his mark after the bi week.  He will have gained experience and will be very good.  He'll be ready for the SB run.