Vick Re-Signed

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    Hello, my name is rusty....have I mentioned my love for Pete Carroll lately? Oh, allow me to do so now. Evidently my good friend Pat Kirwan agrees with me that Seattle and pistol pete are A number 1 in terms of this whole team building/salary cap management stuff. Now this has to be true because Pat used to be a scout and he writes about football - now I know in the past I may of bashed pistol Pete, but no longer...not anymore. In fact I consider him to be better than Lombardi (a man I truly love) and of course Belichick himself.

    The End.


    Pete Carroll just got there 2 years ago and isn't the GM anyway.  So, you and RKarp. Are you two related because you both really lack the ability to understand basic concepts.   Head coaches are not GMs.


    Your attempts at being witty and sarcastic are failing miserably. Counter Kirwan's analysis or continue to look like the fool you are.


    What I will counter with is the names of washed up free agent veterans that teams will be kicking to the side of the road like they were yesterday's garbage - those signings that you said would land teams in "salary cap hell". That is what I will be countering with. Ano I also will throw in exactly what a team is saving (cap wise) and what they are losing (an old, washed up player). I also will comment on just how quickly and painlessly this is done, because this is what you have been saying couldn't be done for years. This is the "salary cap hell" you created in your own twisted little mind.


    Right now we are at 40 million in cap saving for four teams that released five old and underperforming players that gave their teams 3-5 years of good service. Last year you said that couldn't be happened happens will happen in another ten minutes.


    False. I never said "teams can't legally get under the cap". They HAVE TO, you idiot. Of course they will. It's the rules!


    It's what happens and the effects of those moves that consitute cap hell, Corky.

    Do you see your favorite team on Kirwan's top 5 list? Do you?  Do you see the COwboys? What about Philly, RKarp's new favorite team?

    FACT: Any team needing to "restructure" deals every year or make sweeping changes to their roster, is not a well managed roster.

    End of debate.



    Holy crap!! Do you realize that you are in fact bashing our greatest GM of all time with your latest rant/premise??!!

    FACT: Any team needing to "restructure" deals every year or make sweeping changes to their roster, is not a well managed roster.

    End of debate.



    We have signed and started seven different safeties over the last three years - last I checked it's still not fixed. We have drafted, signed and traded for 15 different corners over the last 3 years! Our entire starting front seven - outside from Wilfork and Mayo has been changed and been replaced over the last three years! And it's still not "rebuilt". We just signed 15 different tight ends at a cap hit of 5 million to fill in for a injury to one of our starting tight ends...not one of them made it past October.

    By your own definition we may be the worst managed team in all of YOUR definition. Now you can't be saying THAT is what salary cap hell means, can you? Because that can't be it - it puts us in a rather poor light, that quite frankly we are not in.

    What "salary cap hell" was by your previous definition was the inability to sign players due to lavish and irresponsible signings/spending. I think right now you are seeing that is far from the truth, so you are trying to SPIN with a different approach and it's a little too late for that. You paint yourself into corners and the only way you can try to escape is by lashing out and spell checking:) It's been said by many others...learn the game you fool!!

    I will post later in the day aboutf the next high priced over the hill player that gets dumped to the curb, saving his team million, upon millions of cap space.

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