I can envision a team like Arizona taking a flier on Sanchez...after trading Kevin Kolb to Kansas City. That would reunite Kolb with Andy Reid. Or...how 'bout a Kolb for Sanchez deal...straight up? It would be interesting to see what Sanchez can do, when given a chance to play with some top flight NFL weaponry, for a change...like Larry Fitzgerald. 

     Folks...Michael Vick, Alex Smith, and Kevin Kolb. Do these names strike fear in the hearts of anyone? Does anyone seriously believe that these guys would be a major upgrade from Mark Sanchez?

     Once again, the Jets are panicking, trying to do anything to make them competitive with the Patriots, immediately. It's not going to happen! These idiots need to find a franchise QB, continue building up their defense, and completely overhaul their skill position players, before they can even dream of challenging New England in the AFC East.