Vince Could Learn From Mankins

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    Re: Vince Could Learn From Mankins

    I'm all for locking up lineman... for the right price. I think both Wilfork and Mankins have been extraordinary for the Patriots over the past few seasons, but I also think that Belichick would rather go 7 or 8 deep then pay for a couple of studs and fill with mediocrity.

    I want them back, but if they can't fit them comfortably under the cap they can make their money somewhere else.
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    Re: Vince Could Learn From Mankins

    I have no doubt that Mankins will remain a Patriot for years to come.  However, right now I think it's fair to say Wilfork might be questionable.  I don't see the Pats paying Wilfork a Seymour type contract, where the Pats would be looking at an 8-10mill cap hit.  I like Wilfork and I know he's got plenty of supporters and fans who say he isn't going anywhere no matter what.  But this situation may not resolve itself as easily as some think.
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    Re: Vince Could Learn From Mankins

    if there is a no-cap year.mankins will become a restricted free agent instead of a there would be time,or a nice compensation for him.wilfork is far more valuable.
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    Re: Vince Could Learn From Mankins

         The Patriots should do all they can to lock up OG Logan Mankins. Look what happened to the OL of the Seattle Seahawks after they lost star OG Steve Hutchinson. Meanwhile, Hutch has gone on to spearhead the fine running game of the Minnesota Vikings, and RB Adrian Peterson.       Mankins should be rewarded for his integrity...its' refreshing...especially in view of what Vince Wilfolk is doing:
    Posted by TexasPat3

    I know I don't post here a lot- mainly because of the trolls that ruin so many of the threads. But I do lurk quite a bit and I think you are one of the more intelligent posters on this board. But I think you are way off base on this one.

    It really irritates to see people get so incensed at financial matters in sports. I'm not saying that you are- but just in general. It's a business. Period. But especially in the NFL. There is absolutely no loyalty from the teams. Why do the players have an obligation to be loyal? That's absurd. Look at Bronson Arroyo. He took a big hometown discount to stay in Boston and then got traded because he didn't protect himself with a no trade clause. Well, in writing anyway. I have no problem with an athlete squeezing every last dollar they can out of thier playing career. It's kind  of annoying when guys say disengenous things like Ty Law's "I gotta feed my family." quote. Or like Pedro, claim it's not about the money and then prove that it is, in fact, only about the money.

    But Wilfork? He wants to make as much as possible. What's the problem? As Pats fans you have followed the team for years. Long before Wilfork got here and you will long after he leaves. You have much more of an emotional investment in Patriots football than he does. It's a job. He was drafted to the Pats- through no choice of his own and has played out most of his lengthly rookie contract and greatly outperformed it I might add. For all the guys that take less money to stay somewhere, there are guys that just want to get paid. To a lot of guys (And Wilfork might be one of them) it's not  any different to play football in Washington than it is in New England. The check is going to clear either way. 

    Maybe the way he is handling it is leaving a bad taste in some people's mouths. But what would you have him do? This is the only leverage he has. And he's probably tired of being underpaid. I think 7-8 million for a NT is insane, but some team will pay it.

    Would you rather he pull a Curtis Martin? Quietly seeth a being grossly underpaid for years and then bolt for big money the second he gets a chance because he resents the orginizaton? 

    I think people really need to get over the loyalty thing. There is no loyalty in sports. And guys are going to do whatever it takes to get paid- that doesn't make them bad people.

    Wow, that one heck of a rant.Laughing But it's just the way I feel
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    Re: Vince Could Learn From Mankins

    Sorry Vince but your not going to find to much sympathy from working people who have to deal with there bosses and Company Bullsh!t everyday.  That what employee's do.

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    Re: Vince Could Learn From Mankins

    The Patriots got Wilfork,  under his rookie contract, at a reasonable amount for 5 years and they currently have 5 DTs at camp. With Brace in the fold this Line has the potential to be great (again). There is competition in sport and their is an unspoken reciprocity between the fans and the players. The fans are normally precluded from the business of the sport. A contract is a contract. It's not shaped like tuning fork or a pretzel. Vince is a great player and hope this situation works out well for both sides. I tend not to harbour animosity for anyone on the team. The New England Patriots franchise is a business and must do what is necessary to remain competitive. I don't care who is at OTAs and who isn't as long as everyone is on the same page after labour day.

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    Re: Vince Could Learn From Mankins

    Dafoe's post makes some very good points. 

    If we apply what NFL players want for financial security to our jobs, would we be any different?  What makes this issue so gut wrenching is the fact it is your team that is affected by the player's actions.  Every fan would love to see the nucleus of a team remain in place like the old days.  Additionally, that same player, who is still under contract for another year will withhold their services as a negotiating ploy all the while expecting the team to meet its obligations to them.

    Wilfork has seen what other Pat's players have done, whether they wound up staying or not.  In the end, Wilfork knows he has proven his worth and there is a team or two who will pay a check that will cash.  In the end, he is playing football for pay, the team is just the employer.
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    Re: Vince Could Learn From Mankins

    both, imo, are doing what they should.