Vollmer is back...

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    Re: Vollmer is back...

    Charlie had it right. He put the offense in good position by making sure come 3rd down it was short yardage. The power running game was what set it up. They didn't depend on Brady to come out passing and figuring out if they were blitzing or not on 1st and 2nd downs.

    From what I saw the Giants defense in the 2nd half of this game was wearing out. The offensive line was controlling the line of scrimmage. A solid ground and pound game will put them on their heals and set that up.
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    Re: Vollmer is back...

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    I think the Giants did a good job of mixing up the looks they were showing Brady and disguising their intentions.  It seems like a lot of teams try to get Brady thinking he's going to be rushed aggressively, then drop defenders into the passing lanes for the likely hot reads.  Brady usually handles a blitz pretty well, because he gets rid of the ball so quickly.  So now teams are trying to exploit that by showing rush, getting Brady to throw fast, but dropping players into coverage instead of actually rushing.  For this to work, they need to actually rush a lot--so Brady has to guess which it's going to be on every play . . . and sometimes he guesses wrong.  At least that's my take on what's happening on some of these plays.  I'd be interested in anyone else's take.  
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    Always enjoy your excellent posts 'geometryman' Thanks. I'd be surprised if they start Vollmer unless they know he's in top shape. The key to me is if the O'lne shows up -I think they do- then locking down the outside rush with an extra TE block on his blind side will leave the interior line one on one in the middle insuring Brady the space and time to set up in the pocket, that extra second or so to Brady is everything. If that works then the Giants may choose to bring up the LBs close to the box and if they do then Brady will feast on them.

    I'd like to see a more ball control game with the run especially if they get a lead early then pop one again. Unusual but I see a Pats blowout, really! The Pats D'line will play lights out over the Giants O'line most of the game. I think Bellichick preaches a cautionary confidence, Just DO YOUR JOB!

    Have a great SB weekend

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