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    Re: Vollmer

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    Before yesterday's game I posted that the two best and most consistent linemen this year have been Mankins and Vollmer.  I think the line is struggling this year in general, so losing Vollmer really is a blow.  I can't say I noticed anything negative about Cannon's play yesterday, so I'm hoping he fills in admirably.  But I do think the loss of Vollmer is yet another big challenge for this team.  

    The good news is this team seems to be mentally tough and has done a great job overcoming challenge after challenge this season. I'm optimistic they'll adjust to the loss of Vollmer too, but I do think his loss is significant and another tough blow for the Pats. 

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    Re: Vollmer

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    Here's the million dollar question.  Let's say SeaBass could be ready for the playoffs.  Do you burn a roster spot for the season to keep him off IR?

    Tough call.  I'm not sure what his conditioning would be like at that point.  And with his history of back trouble ...

    Here's what I don't get.   Vereen is on the IR-DFR List.  I realize this list could lead to abuse if there weren't limits, but to me the rule should be that once Vereen comes off it Vollmer should be able to go on with accrued time for the time since the Miami game.  Under "my rule" he would only be counted as Active til Vereen came off the list and they'd still have only 1 guy on the list.  It's not the way the rule is now but I can't see why it shouldn't be amended.



    I couldn't agree more. You are 100% correct on the abuse part but why not have a third party, impartial opinion allowing or disallowing the designation. To me your theory makes all the sense in the world. This league is way to destructive for a 53 man roster. Times have changed so much...even in the last 7-10 years. How many 6'7 6'8+ players do you remember a decade ago? That's not even getting into the 300-350 pounds these guys are clocking in at now.( true weight...not what they are listed as!)

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    Re: Vollmer

    I actually thought that the O line did better after Vollmer went out.  Brady seemed to have more time and the running game improved....which some ascribe to Ridley coming in.  @4  points were scored without Vollmer and 3 with him.  

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    Re: Vollmer

    just heard on espn that Vollmer has a broken leg and is scheduled for surgery...hope that isn't true but that is what I heard.  Will try to find a link.

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    Re: Vollmer


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    Re: Vollmer

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    that was quick...here is the Rotoworld article:

    The Boston Herald reports Patriots RT Sebastian Vollmer has been diagnosed with a broken right leg, and is undergoing surgery on Monday.

    It's likely a season-ending injury for Vollmer, who is in the midst of a strong campaign. However, it's not outside the realm of possibility that the Patriots could stash Vollmer on their weekly inactives list if they believe he could return for the playoffs. Vollmer has graded out as the No. 2 right tackle in Pro Football Focus' ratings. It's just one more issue for a struggling Tom Brady to deal with. Marcus Cannon should slide in opposite LT Nate Solder. It's a big downgrade.