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Vontae Davis Abused Today??

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    Vontae Davis Abused Today??

    Did anyone else get the feeling that they went after Vontae Davis after that INT?? You have to love the stiff arm, one handed catch, pass int call... That kid was wishing he never caught that INT by the end of the game.
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    Re: Vontae Davis Abused Today??

    I think it is tough to say that Davis got abused. He is a rookie playing against one of the best QB WR tandem in the NFL. The int was one of the best plays of the game and he was around the ball all day. The one handed catch was actually covered very well. Brady put the ball in a perfect spot and Moss made a ridiculous catch. I think the big thing is that I read somewhere that Moss made a point to compliment Davis after the game and said something along the lines of how he thought Davis will be a great defender which I completely agree with. He makes me more scared of that defense than Joey the mouth does, half shirt and all.